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Lilia Bucheck


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    The story of Lilia Bucheck begins a few years after the bombs had dropped in one of the many stations of the hanseatic league as the daughter of a Berthold Bucheck, a former german special forces operator, working as a captain within the league and Claudia Bucheck, a former researcher that specialised in radiation and biology subjects. Both of them were present in moscow to celebrate their plans to finally, afer 2 years of being together, marriage. When the bombs fell, the two of them being lucky enough to actually be in the subway station due to her taxi breaking down in the middle of the city, it was almost as if destiny itself made their bond for the rest of their lives. As they quickly adapted with the new situation and their skills, being useful for this newly created world, they were able to live quite comfortably and to raise Lilia properly. 

    As Lilia grew up, it became appearant that, while being skilled in theoretical subjects, assimilating any knowledge she was able to get early on, her true talent was in the same profession of her father, being a soldier at core. Beginning to train from the age of 10, many of the men underneath her father first thought of it as cute, seeing how such a young girl tried her best to get stronger and to be able to wear a weapon as soon as possible. However, this changed as occasional trainings a few times a week went to become trainings every day also in her free time. As peope first told her that she didnt have to worry about being safe, it eventually changed to the point where her father was basically pleading her to take a job, or rather any job that wasnt that of a soldier, not knowing that it wasnt her intention to be a soldier in the first place. As she reached the age of 16, she was certainly extraordinary in terms of physical prowess as well as mental skills. As she continued her studies, being led by her mother, and focused on the same parts as her, her parents relaxed, seemingly thinking that her, training her weapon skills and physique was simply nothing more then a phase, when in realits it was careful preparation for her dream. During the last 2 years, her father actually decided to show her the things he learned during his time as a german special forces operator. Skills that she would find highly useful later

    Finally being 18, she took a spot at a smaller expedtion towards an unexplored station as a guard. This of course angered her parents though, resulting in them giving her an ultimatum being that she was to not return at all if she went with the caravan. Taking this sentence from her parents, she hugged them and said her farewell, leaving behind the people that gifted her live seemingly frozen. 

    Being part of the expedition towards the station, gave her her first opportunity for real contact with mutants. While they only encountered few on their way to the station, this was about to change. As the expedition was paid for by the hanseatic league, they were connected all the time, reporting their findings on the way through the tunnels. As report went in, stating unusual radiation levels in the tunnels and notes came in about how the physique of the mutants had evolved to counter the radiation, it was clear that it was in fact Lilia that gave those reports. With the expedition finally reaching the station, they swtiched to constant transmission. A mode that not only was highly costly in terms of battery useage, but also would give the Hanseatic league and her parents a clear picture of what happened. With a confused "Huh?" and a paininduced scream, before the connection broke off, the end of the expedition was declared. What followed and could be reciefed through the connection were shouting on how they were everywhere, how their ammo got low and how something alrge and powerful was out there, picking away the members of the team one by one. As finally the screams and the transmissions ended with the sound of a person slowly choking to death, the expetidion was declared KIA. 

    While this was true for the most part, a small group of people, containing Lilia and 2 others were able to escape their doom due to a finding Lilia had made. The finding, being a hole that was too small for whatever beast tore their comrades apart and leading to the surface safed their fives, even if Lilia had been wounded badly in the process as her harness offered no protection against the claws of some mutant that stabbed her. As the three of them powered through the coldth in a race for their life, depending on both how Lilia fared with her wound, as well as their filters, they made it back to the station they started from after 1 day. While the survivors aside of her were ok, Lilia was on the verge of death, having lost blood and infected her wound badly. Luckily however, radiation wasnt a part of this equation as Lilia was able to guide them away from hotspots quite proficiently. 

    After this incident, her parent welcomed her back, telling her how they didnt mean what they said and how it had been a mistake, while at the same time acknowledging her ingenuity and her wish to be a soldier. Despite hearing the calling of the metro, the desire to join another expedition as soon as she was healed, she instead invested time and built herself body armor and learnt armor- and weaponsmithing, as well as emergency medicine to an extend which would prove useful, when she would go after her new dream, that being to be a stalker.

  • Possible Plots

    -ERP possible under circumstances (requires writing via dscord though
    -being recruited into a faction (depends on faction)
    -being contracted (get me X,Y,Z; take me X,Y,Z; protect me X,Y,Z)
    -socials (in a city)
    -expeditions to the surface
    -guidings on the surface
    -guidings under the surface 
    -first aid scenarios (either Lilia wounded or your char)
    -merchantly scenarios (repairing armor for bullets, ect...)

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