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    Petr was born a few years before the bombs hit that destroyed Moscow, and the Earth, when he lost his dearest 'papa' to the bombs. His mother barely got herself, Petr, and his brother in, but his father wasn't so lucky. When Petr, his brother, and his mother got in, they stopped anyone from going in. Petr looked away from his father. He hated the man, as he always loved his brother more than his other son. His mother cared for the two boys in the tunnels, until tuberculosis took her life. His mother couldn't quit smoking, she just couldn't. He was 16 at the time of his mother's death, easily capable of fending for himself. His mother couldn't quit smoking, she just couldn't. Petr did what he could do. He offered to help carriages full of supplies get to and from other stations. When he turned 18, he said goodbye to his brother, Aleksei, and ran away. He hurried to and from different stations, buying supplies, and stealing bullets. He bought himself a tiny Makarov pistol, and a couple rounds with the stolen cartridges. He ran around the metro, wearing a slightly torn sweater, looking like a bum. He reached Polis when he turned 24 and handed him the only thing he had. A ID card his mother got him, a week before her death. He was let in, given some papers, and a tent to stay in. When he learned of the train heading to the surface, he hurried to join. He got himself a place to sleep, and packed his things. When the fight happened in Polis, Petr hid in a compartment away from many of the people. When he got out, they were already on the surface.

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    About anything on the Exodus Train

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