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  1. Ilia Sokolov

    "Most of us are," Ilia agreed humorously, "others not so much."

    He waited for Novokov to reach something of a cruising speed before shifting his focus back to the man's wounds. It was difficult to work as they bounced on uneven streets, but Ilia was accustomed to adverse conditions and managed to work fairly quickly, "Take a breath," he warned before dousing the wounds with a splash of the high proof shroom vodka in his flask. It wasn't pleasant by any means, but worked as a disinfectant.



  2. Ilia Sokolov

    "Nasty bastards, eh?" Ilia murmured as he set the kit against the bed of the truck, "This will probably hurt," he said as he reached to loosen the soiled bandages. His expression was hidden behind the mask, but Ilia's mouth briefly thinned into a line as he began to expose the damage, "Could use some suturing, but that will have to wait. For now we'll just have to soak it with spirits and get some penicillin into you while Joe finally gets us moving," he raised his voice a bit so the woman would hear. 

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  3. Ilia Sokolov

    Ilia gave the woman a brief scowl, though it was difficult to see behind the mask. He cleared his throat, then turned his attention to the new comer, "If I can't fix it, I can at least patch you enough to get you to a real medic," he said, "tell me what happened and let's take a look," Ilia shrugged off his back and knelt in the bed, opening it to remove the extra kit he always carried for times like this - he certainly wasn't going to use his personal set. 

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  4. Ilia Sokolov

    "There's an outpost about eight kilometers from here," Ilia spoke up for the first time since Joe had returned with the stranger, "we were heading there for a resupply." 

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  5. Ilia Sokolov

    In his typical oblivious fashion, Ilia didn't initially catch on to her meaning, "Not my fault you don't maintain your weapons regularly," came the retort. 

    What she had really meant would click about the time she left the room and got off down the hall. 


  6. Ilia Sokolov

    "Bashing it with the butt of your rifle isn't going to help, you damn troglodyte," Ilia retorted. He'd been fighting with it long enough to be thoroughly irritated, so even though he knew she was making a genuine offer the phrasing rubbed him the wrong way, "Marcianus is off somewhere with that Baumansky woman of his." Of course by which he meant Charlotte. 


  7. Ilia Sokolov

    Ilia looked up abruptly with an expression that suggested he might have thrown the tool in his hand at her if he could have let it go right then, "She's been doing it longer," he scowled as he looked back down. 


  8. Ilia Sokolov

    "Well, I thought she did anyway." 


  9. Ilia Sokolov

    "You're hardly one to talk," Ilia retorted without looking up from the part he was fiddling with. Both hands were occupied and he was gnawing on his lower lip and frowning as he often did when focused, "I might in just a second here if this damn part won't act right." 


  10. Ilia Sokolov

    Ilia would be the first of the pair that Joe was able to locate. He was where one would expect to find him that time of day, down in the mechanical bays working his way through an endless list of repairs. 

    There was a lot of clanking and cursing when Joe would first enter the room. 


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