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Metro: Beyond
  • Liana

    liana.thumb.png.3f1f65907dde2f58d99e1bf11b8398a5.pngLiana are strange mega-euglenic organisms, exhibiting both plant and animal properties. They are comprised of a large body of tissue, which generally appears as a mottled green-gray tumor like mass. Damage to the surface layer will cause the tissue to ooze a blood-like substance.

    The main body of liana are harmless. However, in open areas they spawn tentacle-like growths. These vines are generally partially coiled and sway in the airuntil an organism comes too close - at which time the vine unfurls violently, striking at its prey. Though most effective against smaller creatures, even armored men have been killed after being struck by a lania vine. 

    The liana are organisms consisting of several parts. Their main body of tissue is a large, undifferentiated grayish-green mass which appears to cling to walls and other surfaces inside the library. This tissue is very widespread but poses no threat to the player. It will bleed or ooze when shot or stabbed, but cannot be destroyed by the player. In some places where the body tissue grows across ceilings, it develops long tentacles which will sway and wave continuously. When approached, these tentacles will partially coil; if the player comes closer, they will lash out and strike, dealing lethal damage.

    Liana vines often grow in clusters, and can be difficult to avoid. However, they will curl upward if damaged enough - a quick shot or a skilled machete blow will generally stun them long enough to skirt by. 

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