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Metro: Beyond
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    “...And now we use cartridges for currency, how morbid is that? If you think about it, one bullet is somebody's life. A hundred grams of tea cost five lives. A sausage... a mere trifle, fifteen lives.."

    — Market Station Guard


    MGR Rounds - The Metro's Primary CurrencyWith paper currency having lost its value after the war, the Metro adapted to a trade system primarily driven by the exchange of pre-war manufactured military grade bullets. Because of the nature of the manufacturing process, such high quality rounds could not be easily produced after the war. For these reasons, MGR (military grade rounds) became the driving currency of the Metro. 

    Similarly, because of the many dangers associated with living in the metro, weapons are also an essential industry. Few stations have the capacity to produce reliable, quality arms. Those that can typically enjoy an abundance of wealth. Weapons themselves could be considered a secondary currency. 




    The economy of the metro is primarily driven by agricultural and arms trade. In the early days after the bombs fell, a number of hogs and chickens were hogfarm.jpg.08711300fb306f2c954dbd6e9e945dcf.jpgsuccessfully rescued from a rail depo and brought into the metro. These animals largely adapted to the conditions, and now serve as one of the Metro's primary food sources Many stations have also discovered ways to cultivate various plant life and fungi. Root vegetables and mushrooms are most commonly grown. 



    RussianStalkerConceptArt4.jpg.fbfc416d56415c478374bce6d4e4c0e2.jpgStalkers make their living picking over the bones of Moscow for anything of value - tools, trinkets, medical supplies. Some work as free lancers of sorts, taking contracts to locate and fetch certain items from the surface. Others take a more general approach, bringing back whatever they think will sell for the most. 

    Many small stations rely heavily on their Stalkers to bring down the supplies they cannot afford to trade for. 



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