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Metro: Beyond
  • Ghosts

    ghosts1.thumb.png.ddda9ddfefcac71e64fe905ce3b2dc3f.pngGhosts are a phenomenon encountered through much of the post-nuclear world, though with particular concentration in population centers like Moscow. Though no one knows for certain what these spectres are, they appear as the shadows - specifically, the blast shadows - of people who seem to have perished in the nuclear-holocaust, and were unable to cross over. There are some within the metro who believe that all who inhabit the metro are destined to become shadows when they perish, eternally repeating their final moments. 

    Though the Ghosts haunting Moscow are deadly, they are generally non-hostile - harmless, so long as one keeps their distance. Upon beinig encountered, many of these phantoms seem to behave as though leading their past lives. There are tales of ghostly batallions still defending their posts in the deep tunnels where brutal battles were held. Others are said to perform more menial, day to day tasks. 

    Ghosts have been reported to be of both human and non-human origin, the latter including beasts which only evolved after the bombs. Rumors of inanimate ghosts exist as well, a famous tale being of the metro train coasting into a collapsing tunnel as the bombs fell on Moscow. 

    Damned Souls


    A  ghost-related phenomenon primarily reported in Red Square. The Damned are always described as writhing masses of disembodied arms and torsos. Those unfortunate few who have encountered these specters - and lived to speak of it - report being clutched at and dragged by the flailing hands while voices both shriek and whisper. 

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