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Metro: Beyond
  • How to Create a Plotting Board

    We here on Metro: Beyond try to empower our users to create what they feel is necessary for their personal progress, development and characters as far as plotting goes. This is why we don't have an individual plotting forum on the site. Instead we encourage you to create your own self maintained plotting board and gallery where you can post and grow your characters.

    This is fortunately extremely easy to do:

    1. Go to the link "User Plotting" under forums in the navigation at the top.
    2. Click on the button "Create a Plotter" in the top right.
    3. A popup will come up, fill out whatever you think is necessary.
      • The name should be your username
      • The description can be whatever you like
      • The icon is up to you.
    4. Once you have done this click save.

    This will generate a forum on the index page for you as well as a category in our gallery. You're free to post and share and plot as you desire and organize it completely the way you want. You have full control over what content is visible to everyone and what is visible to just you (through hidden content). So show off your art, create custom plot pages, develop plot ideas. The skies the limit! Enjoy!

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