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Metro: Beyond
  • Site Rules

    Site Standards

     3-3-3 Rating.

    MB allows graphic use of language, as well as uncensored portrayal of violence and sexual content. It is up to players to specify what they are comfortable with. We recommend doing that by editing your profile and utilizing the "Player Limits" or Creating a Plotter and creating a topic in there.

    No Word Count

    MB staff enforce neither a minimum nor maximum word count for posts.

    No Application

    MB utilizes the IPS Character Mod.  Simply fill out the listed profile fields and begin playing. There is no approval process. 

    Face Claims & Play Bys

    1.  If utilized, Play Bys/Face Claims must be represented by real people. No cartoon or anime characters will be allowed as claims. However you are not required to have one.
    2. Players may use original and commissioned artwork as representation 
    3. Duplicate face claims are allowed with the consent of both parties.
    4. Formerly utilized face claims from inactive characters are fair game as determined by staff after 3 months of inactivity.


    In Character Regulations

    Liquid Time

    Characters may be in multiple threads at once, and threads may be done both past and present. It is up to the player to keep track of their progress.

    No Meta-Gaming

    Out of character information is meant to be kept out of character. We all have access to the lists of faction loyalties and spies. Please do not use that information IC unless learned through in character events. Character interactions in the general OOC discord do not apply in game unless explicitly agreed upon by all parties.

    No unapproved power-playing 

    Make sure to get the okay from fellow player(s) before assuming control of their character

    Establish Post Orders in Group Threads.

    When creating group threads, establish whether or not there is going to be a posting order for participants. If an order is established, specify how long a player has to post before the thread continues (i.e. 3 days, 1 week etc). Do not skip a player's post without clearing it with them first. 

    Ranking Characters:

    A member may have more than one ranking character, but may only have one high ranking character per faction.

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