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Metro: Beyond
  • Children of the Forest

    The Children of the Forest are a faction comprised primarily of children attending scout camp in Kazakhstan. With the onset of World War III and the subsequent nuclear attacks, the children became stranded in the camp with no hope of rescue. Fortunately, the region largely escaped any direct impactExodus_Diary_COTF.thumb.png.1b020d604e4aa567a3afc19c2be62060.pngs. They had only to contend with the nuclear fallout in the coming years. 

    Rather than abandoning his charges, the Scout Master stayed behind to look after the children. He raised them to the best standards possible, teaching them to hunt and craft to carve a living out of the wilderness. Under his guidance the children learned to survive against all manner of threats, be they natural or man-made. They formed a tribe of sorts, and survived by living off the land. 

    The Children of the Forest have a judicial system they dub The Forest Court. It is through the court that they resolve disputes among themselves, as well as determine the fate of outsiders caught in there territory. Hostile entities are not allowed to pass and are summarily executed, while peaceful travelers are generally allowed to go on their way. 

    After his death the Scout Master - known as The Teacher to his followers - left an almost religious legacy behind. As the years passed, though, the Children of the Forest began to clash over interpretations of his lessons, especially as bands of marauders increasingly began to attack. They split into two factions, Pirates and Pilgrims. While both factions remained allied, they often had disagreements between one another. 



    The pirates are the more aggressive of the two factions. They will attack any and all who intrude on their territory, and often ignore the mandates of the Forest Court to do so. An excessively xenophobic group, outsiders are always viewed as an enemy. 






    In stark contrast to their self-proclaimed Pirate counterparts, the Pioneers are largely docile. They neither seek nor encourage violence, though they are apt at defending themselves when necessary. Bandits, murderers and rapists are fair game for execution while peaceful travelers are allowed to pass without harm. 




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