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  2. @Morrigan @Dragon Natashia looked surprised at the sudden return of light, so much she had to look away and cover them until her eyes readjusted and she could blink away large blurry dots in her vision. "I guess naptime is over huh, Major?" Natashia asked forcing a yawn and leaning back in her chair. "Is it morning already? We gonna finally get down to business?" She asked.
  3. With his chest exposed Tonka's hands roamed. He looked slight of figure but he had muscles for days. Her fingers ran over his muscles as they continued to escalate. @Dragon
  4. As she bunched the fabric up behind his shoulder blades, Ilia leaned back to help shed the rest. As they tossed it to the floor he shifted to lay her back against the bed, running his hand higher and breaking their kiss to brush his lips against her neck. @Morrigan
  5. There really wasn't much to what she was wearing. Bras were a thing from the before metro times. As his fingers stroked the skin under her shirt she attempted to help him off with his own. @Dragon
  6. He kept expecting her to push him away at some point. Instead she shed her jacket, baring her shoulders in the tank top she had on beneath. Ilia dared to let his hands roam, sliding one down the curve of her side to her waist where he traced his fingertips beneath the hem of her shirt. @Morrigan
  7. Tonka wasn't really experienced but she knew what she wanted. She took after her mom in that way. So as he kissed her harder she adjust to take off her jacket and throw it on the floor. @Dragon
  8. As her palm set against his cheek, Ilia deepened the kiss. He set the bottle down, nudging it under the cot so it wouldn't be spilled. Otherwise he leaned into the attractive young woman to see how far she'd let him go. @Morrigan
  9. As his subordinates scattered to their respective tasks and devices, Dagonet looked toward the interogation room. He did not, however, head in that direction. Instead he walked away, "Keep her locked in there," he ordered the guards on either side of the door, "turn the lights off." Natashia would be left alone in the darkness for some hours before Dagonet would finally approach her. His intent was to subvert her expectations, and skew her sense of time - take away any measure she might have had. Anything to throw her off kilter, and make it easier to manipulate her. Wh
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  11. Tonka had wanted it but she was still shocked by him actually kissing her. It took her a second to reciprocate but she did, reaching up to touch his face. @Dragon
  12. Ilia huffed softly as she said it. He knew it was awkward, just the two of them in such a small space. So as he reached for the bottle he also leaned in to kiss her. @Morrigan
  13. Tonka took a seat beside him she was excited and nervous. She really wanted to kiss him but her nerves were getting the better of her right then so she took the vodka and took a swig before she passed it back to him. “This is nice.” @Dragon
  14. Ilia took the bottle and unscrewed the cap as he took a seat on the cot. . He motioned for her to join him before taking a swig and passing it to her. @Morrigan
  15. The inn wasn’t far off from the bar. Probably because a lot of people preferred to get drunk and stumble home most nights. He got himself a tent before they went over to it. Tonka offered him the vodka. @Dragon
  16. "Sure," Ilia agreed, hardly believing his luck, "let's go." @Morrigan
  17. “Come on. Let’s go get you a place to stay the night,” she said to him. @Dragon
  18. "Ah, sure. I'd love a little company." @Morrigan
  19. Last week
  20. "Think I could come with you? I'll bring the vodka?" she bit her bottom lip. @Dragon
  21. "I guess I'll get a room at the inn by the market." @Morrigan
  22. "They are the worst," she said rolling her eyes with a large smile. "Where are you staying?" @Dragon
  23. "Those damn civvies, right?" he grinned. @Morrigan
  24. Tonka smiled to him. "It went horribly right? Silly novice girl broke it almost irreparably." @Dragon
  25. Ilia couldn't help but cringe inwardly as she mentioned the breakup. He was still hurting bad over the betrayal, if he were honest. Joe had been the first woman he'd ever fallen in love with, and it felt like she'd be the last. How the hell did anyone get passed hurt like that? But the few men who knew all told him to get back on the horse and try again. So he was doing just that. "I can stretch out a few days if I pretend the repair didn't go well." @Morrigan
  26. Tonka laughed and turned a dark shade of pink as she nodded. "Well yeah. I just figured since you and your girlfriend just broke up according to you that maybe I shouldn't try to see how long you intended on staying in Oberon." @Dragon
  27. Ilia noticed she specified the one brother. It sparked a bit of curiosity, but he didn't ask. He didn't want to bring down the mood by forcing her to mention some grim fate, if that were the case. "I was hoping you had some kind of ulterior motive for buying this drink. You're a very beautiful girl." @Morrigan
  28. "Seth does not know," she said. "I think he'd be more upset that I'm with a guy I'm attracted to." @Dragon
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