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  2. "I don't think your friends likes me miha," Joseph said. "Can ya blame him?" she asked as she turned to leave herself. "You should go miha. You won't be disappointed," he said to her. As Joe got to Kaz she looked up to him. "You should get geared up. May as well look for the knife he left there and just put this shit to rest. Gonna take at least a day to get to where he said it is." @Grimscythe
  3. “So, more bullshit, just another language,” Kazimir said. If he was disappointed, he did well enough to hide it. He was wrong, that was that. He turned away from the cell, meeting Joe’s gaze. “Sorry for wasting your time over it.” He stepped past her, crossing briefly in front of Joseph’s cell before he followed the hallway out of the cell block. Kazimir had a lot on his mind at that moment, and he slowed to stop, contemplating whether he ought to wait for Joe. Ultimately, he chose to do just that and leaned against the wall. His arms folded across his chest, and he fell into thoughtful s
  4. @Grimscythe Grischa gave something of a smirk to the doctor, it wasn't forced, it was genuine smirk. Inside though, Grischa was less than thrilled, more so bitterly impressed. There is always one who can see through the bullshit He figured. "If she recovers, there's a few things you and I should discuss. Things that, if I were in her position, I'd rather not have divulged to men I don't know. The least we can do is treat her with some sort of dignity because her life has clearly been hell until now." The doctor said, a frown tugging at her lips. For a moment the trio was
  5. Joe couldn't help but laugh and shake her head. "I've seen men four times your size that can't hold their liquor nina," she smiled. "You just drank more than you can handle. I've done it myself but don't tell no one." @AnOriginalAccountNam
  6. @Morrigan "No...." Zaya groaned out, trying to force herself up before weakly falling down again, and coughing up a small amount of vomit again. She curled up soon after, clutching her sides. "I'm sorry...Joe..." She whispered out, looking at all she had thrown up. She couldn't remember eating that much, yet somehow it had taken up a decent sized chunk of Joe's floor. "Don't be mad..." She added a moment later, pleading as she eyed the Ranger.
  7. "He said go to some rocks and wait for nightfall," she looked up to him simplifying what her dad said. "Said that people will show up there." @Grimscythe
  8. Kazimir only picked up a few words of what he said to Joe, and those he only knew because she used them often. He was certain that Joseph was calling him an idiot, or something along those lines. “You’re not going to tell me what he said, are you?” he asked. @Morrigan
  9. "Its not a better life out there pendejo," he reiterated. "Just different," he advised. "The same assholes down here are up there.... sometimes I think they are worse," he advised. Joseph looked to his daughter as he spoke as he decided to switch to their native tongue to tell her where to look. "Ve hacia el oeste hasta el borde de moscú, hay una colección de rocas. Hice una marca en una de las piedras donde dejé caer mi cuchillo favorito. Todavía debería estar ahí. "Quédate junto a la roca hasta el anochecer. Ellos vendrán." "Good luck miha," he said. @Grimscythe
  10. The last-minute offer was tempting, and Kazimir stopped mid-turn to look back at Joseph. His eyes simmered with a mixture of anger and frustration, both of which were directed at the man. Kazimir knew the effects of radiation, the way it ate away at a person. “I want a better life for your daughter, which is clearly more than what you want. Either spit it out or fuck off,” Kaz growled. @Morrigan
  11. "You want proof miha?" Joseph said as they started to head out from the holding cells. Joe rolled her eyes and turned around anyways. "Why don't you tell someone that believes you?" she pointed to Kaz. Joseph turned his attention to Kaz to see if he wanted what he would say next. @Grimscythe
  12. "That's the truth," Kazimir muttered under his breath, probably alluding to Joe herself. He looked back to Joseph, a slight frown weighing his lips. Reluctantly, he admitted, "Yeah." There was a heaviness in his tone, disappointment perhaps. "Let's head in." @Morrigan
  13. "I told you he was fucking nuts bro. The radiation fried his brain," Joe said to Kaz lifting a finger to spin it around her ear to indicate crazy. "And while you can fuck crazy, ya can't fix it," she repeated to him. "Do all of your friends mistrust you this much miha?" Joseph asked his daughter. "Nah. Kaz just wants your stories to be true, not another hopeful bedtime story like the rest about the outside world," she looked up to Kaz. "Satisfied?" @Grimscythe
  14. Kazimir was taken aback by Joseph’s words, watching as the man twisted his intentions into something completely opposite of what they were. He felt a craving for nicotine, despite having stopped smoking when Yasha died. Instead of responding to the accusation, and despite his desire to spit vitriol at the man, Kazimir managed to keep control of his temper. He hadn’t felt it rise like this in a long a time. Instead, Kazimir looked down at Joe, studying her features to see if he could discern her thoughts on the matter at hand. One thing was for sure: Joe wasn’t lying about her father.
  15. Joseph chuckled shaking his head as he leaned against the bars. "But...." he repeated. "If you trusted her really. You'd not be here right now begging me to tell you what she thinks is all lies," he pointed out. "Because you'd believe that I was a raving lunatic. No.... you don't really trust her and you want to prove her wrong. I'll tell you what I told her. Once you get out of the city there is more but its not better than here. Just different. I was a prisoner for the past ten years." @Grimscythe
  16. “That isn’t a matter of trust,” Kazimir replied sharply, his voice strained. “She was what? Barely more than a toddler when this happened? Your daughter didn’t get to have a life. You came back from somewhere out there, and you claim you’ve seen proof of life. Your daughter doesn’t believe that’s possible—and why would she in this shithole that we call home?” His jaw tensed after he said those words. He’d been called worse, but that didn’t take away from the fact that it was already a bad start. @Morrigan
  17. "Then why are you here? You trust her to keep you alive but you don't trust her word on what she said about me and my raving?" Joe looked around Kaz to where Joe was leaning against the wall. "You need better friends miha." @Grimscythe
  18. "In a heartbeat," he answered without missing that very beat. @Morrigan
  19. "Not what I mean," he clarified. "Do you trust her with your life?" @Grimscythe
  20. Kazimir expected as much from her father. He tried to keep a straight face as he glanced toward her. “A bit stubborn and a pain in the ass,” came his reply. “But she deserves a better life than this.” @Morrigan
  21. "How do you feel about my daughter?" he redirected the man. @Grimscythe
  22. A bark of laughter erupted from Kazimir, the deep sort that started in his belly and worked its way upward. It was almost obnoxious, and it was very much a Kaz thing to do. Amusement brightened his features. Not unlike a child with no concept of danger, Kazimir risked Joe’s ire by opening his mouth. “Like father like daughter, I see,” he smirked. A moment later, in a rare show of seriousness, he grew serious again. Where Joe was pessimistic about the prospect of her father’s claim, he was hopeful. “Joe seems to think you’re a raving lunatic. She says you claim that we can return to the
  23. Joe didn't have questions. She rolled her eyes at his aggressiveness as her father didn't get out of his bad. "Papi?" she said slowly. "Meet Kaz," she frowned at the broad shouldered man. "Kaz. This is my papi Joe," she explained. "He wants to ask you some questions. He seems to think you didn't just abandon me to go fuck some girl for the last ten years," she said snidely to her father who was still lying down. Joseph finally moved to get up, slowly. He wasn't wearing a shirt at the moment but he moved as if he were old and creaky. "Miha," he chided his daughter playfully. "I would never
  24. Kazimir barely kept a frown from surfacing on his lips as he released her. It was hard not to feel rejected by her words, but he shrugged it off. Rolling his shoulder into a shrug, he stepped past the entrance to the cells where her father was being held. With quick, purposeful strides he approached the door to Joseph’s cell, passing it by a single step and turning around to face Joe. It was her father, and her family matters weren’t his place to butt into. “All yours, then,” he said finally. While he had his own questions for Joseph, they could wait a little longer. He slapped t
  25. Tonka went quiet for a minute as they finished up eating before she finally asked. "So other than the generator? What were you here to repair?" she asked curiously. @Dragon
  26. Joe was just still annoyed and while she showed it primarily in annoyance, she was anxious. So when Kaz got her attention and got her to turn around to look at him. "What do ya want Kaz? I thought you wanted to see my papi? If you're chickening out just say it," she said pulling her ear away from him. @Grimscythe
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