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  2. @Morrigan "I...need to get home..." Zaya mumbled, trying for the door again before losing her footing once more, collapsing in front of the door, seeing the world spin and a splitting pain shoot through her head, both making her hack up again, though nothing came out this time. The feeling, while intense, was short lived; once it subsided slightly, Zaya sat up, her breathing slightly labored from the pain of the hangover. "...I...My brother needs to know." She said to Joe. "About...Belikov..." She said a second later. She hadn't told him too much....maybe that was for the best. Though she knew the sicko's death left her without a job, and even in Polis use still needed one for a home, for a life.
  3. "Would you take me in? I'd pay for the guide service," Derek half smiled as he offered, "we're still a good ways off from the station I had decided to head for, and there's a lot of threat from bandits and mutants between us and there." @HalesTheComet
  4. It seemed they were pretty like-minded. She nodded, taking a bite of jerky now and gnawing herself off a bit. Home was calling, and she was eager to return. Though, home was also lonely. It was the one thing that wouldn't change when she returned. But as she sat there with him she relished the feeling of not being alone. "That all sounds like a pretty good plan. Luckily for you, I know where an access point is."
  5. "Well, I was planning to start angling back home sometime today," he answered, "but I was forced off course before the storm rolled in. Was hoping I could find access to one of Hanza's station, sell off what I have and maybe hitch a rail car back to Polis." @HalesTheComet
  6. "Home now. I've gathered enough of what I need." She patted her bag, the faint sound of metal objects clinking together able to be heard. She had gone and scavenged for as many gun parts as she could carry, as well as scrap metal for forging her own items. Taking another bite into the potato, she looked at him. "How much longer do you plan on staying out here?" @Dragon
  7. "It's a shame salt is getting so difficult to find on the surface anymore," Derek nodded, "it'd perk up a lot of dishes." He glanced toward the door as it rattled a bit, soon determining it was only the wind. Outside their shelter the storm was really beginning to howl. It almost seemed to shake the walls, but fortunately the structure seemed to be holding up just fine. "So where are you headed to?" he asked conversationally, just in case this turned out to be one of the long storms. @Morrigan
  8. "If only we had the luxury." She sighed and nodded, the thought of his god mother's home cooking making her mouth water. Accepting the potato, she took a bite into it. It wasn't great, but it was enough. Besides, there was no room for complaining in situations like theirs. Getting more comfortable, she eased her back against the wall. "Even some salt would be fine." Sera chuckled and gave a little shake of her head. Now she couldn't stop thinking about steaming hot potatoes. @Dragon
  9. Derek thanked her as he took the strip she passed to him. He started to gnaw on it while he shrugged his pack off and rummaged, "These would actually be pretty damn good if we could risk a fire in here," he said as he pulled them out, "my god mother is a great cook. They're done up and seasoned, so better than just a plain cold spud," he shrugged as he handed her the slightly bigger of the two. @HalesTheComet
  10. "I'd like that." She smiled, taking a piece of jerky from the bag before offering it to him. She took a bite of the tough meat, gnawing on it for a moment, which was an attractive sight to be sure. But she didn't really care about appearances. She was dirty from head to toe anyways so it was too late to be worrying about impressing anyone. "Potatoes are one of my favorites."
  11. "You're right," Derek nodded, giving a faint smile. He felt like they were safe. It wasn't the first time he'd hunkered down from a storm near mutants, "I've got a couple of cold potatoes if you want to share," he offered. @HalesTheComet
  12. "You're all too right about that." She nodded before smiling victoriously at recovering an sealed bag of jerky that had been stuck near the bottom of her pack. Looking over at him she held up the bag and raised a brow, silently offering it to him. "As long as it doesn't get hungry we'll be fine, you mean." She smiled. "Don't worry, I trust you and your gun." @Dragon
  13. @Dragon The woman let out a heavy sigh, shaking her head. "Everything needs to be spelled out for you people doesn't it?" She asked. "...Like I'm said. I'm sure you've heard the stories. Everyone and their mother has. Every little child and grown adult has heard of us." She said then gave a smirk. "In the halls of Metro-2, hidden under the Kremlin, with tunnels leading to bunkers, and airports to take us all to the bunkers in the Urals." She began. "Except none of us made it as the story goes. We either all died, or we watch over you like Gods. Even gave us a stupid name: Invisible Watchers. Like some kind of ghost or angel." She said with a scoff, shaking her head, a far off look in her eye before turning her head awkwardly back to Dagonet. "I'm sure you heard those legends...though I'm sure you can guess it's lies. You're a Ranger. You've been to D6, seen what it was like. Empty, sealed off. You've probably heard of other bunkers spread throughout Moscow. Either filled with mutants, or water, or lunatics like that dumb ass...you're Volodya fellow found." She explained. "You've seen how empty Metro-2 is...for the most part. You've also seen how empty the Kremlin is I would presume. Well...except for the mutants...more or less..." She continued then sat forward, resting her hands on the table, locking the fingers together. "I'm dead anyway...might as well tell you that Metro-2 is empty for the most part, but the legends are true. Just not exactly. We live there...and everywhere. Polis, Hansa, the Nazi's...what's left of the Redline that hasn't fallen in anarchy after Moskvin. Hell we even got people in some of the smaller factions....Baumansky....The Arbat Confederation...1905....and a lot of bandit gangs..." She explained, shrugging. "We're everywhere...and no where." She continued then looked at Dagonet with a genuinely curious look. "Do you think anything's changed since the war?" She asked. "I mean truly. Or even before that. Has anything changed since the days of Putin, or all of the communists leaders before him? Or the Tsar's before them?" She asked. "It hasn't, they're all the same puppets now as they were then. Now it's just different puppets. There is always someone leading from behind the scenes. You know it to be true....You know there are always people moving things behind the scenes. Money, info, power. Always someone to threaten the politician, or the civilian into doing what they want, and we're the people that do that. Just like we did with the boyars--the nobles who actually controlled the Tsar, or the secret police of the USSR, or the oligarchs leading up to 2013 along with Putin himself...and now we're doing the same down here. Except we no longer deal with oligarchs, now we deal with warlords and fools. We deal with Yakov Denikin and that Pavel Morozov fellow and all their foolish little fights in the Redline. We deal with Loginov and his greed in Hansa. We deal with the Fourth Reich, and have our sights on that little American sociopath of theirs." She continued with her rant before that same stupid smirk of her's returned. "We also deal with you....or rather the one before you. Where did old Sviatoslav go, Dagonet? Where is your colonel I wonder..." She teased. "...Doesn't matter I guess. We're not here to talk about him after all. We're here to talk about me, and I just told you everything. I'm part of the watchers, we got rid of Balikov...give them a few hours or days they'll do the same to me and they'll sweep this conversation under the rug..." She began then gave pained sigh. "So yeah...that's the truth. First time telling it ever" She murmured. "Don't know how much longer it will be once they hide all of this." She added. "As for why...They only tell people like me so much. Just enough to get rid of who we're told to get rid of. Belikov outlived his usefulness...All I know is that some stalker...some Hansa asshole...Mikhail Turgenev? And his girlfriend....some Katya woman...they were asking about Metro-2...and Belikov just let them go. Not something you should do when we are working with you..." She explained. "If you want to know more, I'd go looking for that stalker...whoever the hell he is..." She said, slumping back down in her chair. "We done?" She asked a second later.
  14. "Eh, I always had to be guarding station gates," Derek answered with a crooked smile, "details can make all the difference." He couldn't help but hear the rumble of her stomach. It was amusing in the moment. There they were, hunkered down in a dark room to ride out a storm - their stomachs not much caring about circumstance. Derek shifted a bit as he looked to the door, "That looks sturdy enough," he answered after a moment, rolling his shoulders, "I don't think that watchman is hunting, anyway. Just looking for shelter. But worst case, I can stop it before it gets through easy enough," he said as he slowly shifted the strap of his rifle off his shoulder, sliding the weapon to lean beside the desk. @HalesTheComet
  15. She grinned, reaching down and patting on her trusty bag. It had served her well, and there was never a lack of pockets. Some of it's pockets even had pockets. In order to be a good and efficient as finding and storing her bullets and and any other useful items she found along the way. "You're pretty observant." Sera raised an eyebrow at him as she started to shrug off her jacket. Once she had set it to the side she was made very aware of her state of hunger when her stomach erupted with an angry growl. Even she looked surprised to hear it, and she chuckled nervously. She hadn't had a chance to eat that morning before she got on her way, so digging into her pack for some rations sounded amazing right about then. But, figuring he had heard the growling of her stomach as well, she looked back at Derek. "Feeling safe enough to eat?" She asked him as she pulled her bag in front of her, her gaze sliding over to the door that separated them from the watchman roaming the rest of the building. @Dragon
  16. "Your pack, mostly," Derek gave a faint smile as he motioned toward it, then back at his own, "rigged up to sort and carry as much as possible, easy as possible." @HalesTheComet
  17. The clarification made Sera feel a bit better for him, knowing the people he cared about were safe. She wasn't so heartless as to want families to... Well, she decided she didn't want to think harder on the topic. So she was happy to switch gears away from the grim. "Ah, so I've met my competition." She chuckled, giving him a lopsided grin as she leaned back in her chair. "What gave it away?" A quiet chuckle bubbled out of her, but it was barely audible since she was doing her best at loud noises to a minimum. She didn't want to take any risks. But they appeared to be safe for the time being, so she didn't have to worry as much. @Dragon
  18. "Oh, just a few days," he answered, realizing what she meant and swiftly moving to correct her, "I'm doing a little Stalking to bring in bullets. By some miracle my family all got out alright," he clarified. Although it wasn't a miracle so much as his brother-in-law had been a Reich trooper for many years. The man's knowledge of their tactics had saved a lot of lives. Derek had shed much of his thinly veiled animosity toward the man since then. That wasn't information one shared freely, though. He shifted in place and took another sip from the canteen, "We got lucky. Right now my folks are in Polis trying to convince them to do something but... I don't think anyone has high hopes about that," Derek grimaced and shook his head once, "anyway, what about you? If I had to guess you look like a Stalker yourself." @HalesTheComet
  19. This news made her frown, and her brow creased as she lowered her gaze to her hands. Had she known she would have been more sensitive to his situation. After all, she could only imagine that happening to her, but clearly others around her were feeling the effects. Several moments passed before she lifted her eyes back up to look at him. "And you, Derek. Glad you made it out." She said with a small, firm nod. There was a moment of silence before she spoke again. "How long have you been on your own out here?" @Dragon
  20. Derek nodded grimly as she emphasized the word, "Was," he repeated, "station was attacked by the Reich, couple weeks ago now. In the end we couldn't do much but hold them off while our people fled," he explained briefly. Memories of the assault were still fresh and sore. Friends and mentors of his hadn't made it out. But his oddly assorted family had all made it to Polis unscathed, at least. He was grateful for that much as the Reich likely would have had them all executed, between being foreign born and harboring Reich deserters. He smiled faintly when he heard she was from Hanza. That made trusting her less of a risk - assuming she was telling the truth, at any rate. "Derek," he answered, shaking her hand briefly, "good to meet you, Serafina." @HalesTheComet
  21. "Was?" She asked curiously, accepting the canteen before taking a sip. "I wouldn't imagine that it's easy to get out of the guard easily." 'That must be why he's here.' She thought to herself. Sera passed back his water, murmuring a quiet thank you. Without her flashlight trained on him it wasn't too easy to see his features, but she had gotten a good look a few moments before. They certainly bred them well in Oberon, it seemed. This notion almost made her chuckle out loud, and she smiled in her effort to hold it back. Now wasn't the time to be joking around. "I'm Serafina, from Hanza." She offered him her hand, her gaze steady. @Dragon
  22. At first he wasn't certain what she was talking about. His left brow rose slowly, forming an inquisitive arch while he uncapped his canteen. When he caught onto her meaning Derek scoffed and shook his head, "I'm not a soldier," he clarified, "I'm from Oberon... was from Oberon, anyway," he corrected, heaving a breath before seeming to shake himself, "I was part of the guard there, but it was hardly an army." He took a few brief sips of the water in hand and offered it to the stranger. @HalesTheComet
  23. She rolled her eyes and shook her head, giving a little shrug of her shoulders. "I always thought of you like ants. Where there's one there's more, and when there's more there's trouble." Taking up her own spot in an old folding chair, she dropped her bag down beside her, grunting softly from the relief of the weight coming off of her shoulders which took the strain off of her lower back. She looked back over at him, a thoughtful expression on her face. "And don't take that the wrong way. Gotta cause a little trouble to survive nowadays. And you... aren't the trouble, the trouble followed you." She nodded towards the door, referencing the watchman that was now prowling the building. "So, little ant, where's your troop?" Her question was purely out of curiosity, the answer was of no real benefit to her. @Dragon
  24. It seemed they had an uneasy truce for the moment. Derek backed away until he was leaning against the desk in the corner, letting some weight off his feet after so many miles in one day, "What do you mean?" he asked as he reached to pull his canteen off his waist. @Morrigan
  25. After she made sure the door was locked she turned to look at the man, squinting against the glaring light of his headlamp, and she brought a hand up to shield her eyes as she returned her pistol to it's holster. If things were to get hairy now things would be different. They were in close quarters, and he'd have a harder time getting a shot off on her with the rifle than she would with her knife. She stopped herself at these thoughts, though, because it didn't seem like it would escalate to that point. But she was always prepared, her brain always working out possible scenarios. She now shined her own flashlight on him, getting a good look at him for the first time. The light revealed what she had already assumed, and it was that he was a solider of sorts. She could hear it in the way he talked. "Weird to see one of you on your own." She commented, raising an eyebrow. @Dragon
  26. Derek glanced back toward the sound of the voice. Without waiting for further encouragement, he quietly retreated into the room. "Thanks," he muttered, shifting the rifle to his shoulder as she closed the door. Once the door clicked shut he reached to switch on his head lamp. They were in a small room that seemed to have once been an office. After a quick glance around, he turned his attention back to the stranger. At first glance he didn't notice any faction insignias that might have made him wary. @HalesTheComet
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