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Metro: Beyond

Moscow Ruins


Botan Sad

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The Botanical Gardens were formerly home to a breed of sentient humanoid mutants known as Dark Ones, prior to their anhillation in the year 2033. Little is known of the gardens as there are few willing to venture into the ruins. The landscape is greatly mutated, from a distance seemingly scorched black and populated by strange rusty-orange glowing growths, as well as immense black vine-like flora which sprawl over much of the area. Little remains of the gardens save for a large impact crater populated by sickly plantlife and the hollowed out remnants of the Dark Ones' towers. 

Dead City

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Also known as the City of Shadows, Dead City was previously a thriving residential hub. After the nuclear attacks those formerly inhabiting the region were trapped in the form of Ghosts, forever reliving those last horrific moments. Known for strange temporal phenomenon, those brave enough to venture through this region are commonly confronted by both ghosts and vivid flash backs of those moments just prior to and during the bombing. Now inhabited only by watchmen and demons, travelers who linger too long are at risk of fits of madness.

Red Square was once thought to be the centermost square in Moscow, with all of the city's major highway connected streets originating here. However, after the nuclear strike it became difficult to access. Its most notable features are the Kremlin, Alexander Garden and St. Basil's cathedral - all of which are populated by deadly mutants.

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