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Metro: Beyond

Moscow Metro


Tagansko Line

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The Tagansko Line - commonly referred to as the Purple Line - runs through the entire Metro. While there are many stations on the line, the three most powerfully established - Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya, and Pushkinskaya - are under control of the facist Fourth Reich. 


Ring Line

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The Ring Line is primarily unified under the Hanzeatic League, save for the independent station of Oktyobraskaya. Compared to much of the metro, Ring Line citizens enjoy a much higher quality of living with abundant availability of goods and services - many unavailable in the rest of the metro. While citizens are well treated, outsiders are generally treated with wary caution; and visitors are commonly refused passage and turned away from its heavily guarded stations.


Red Line

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The Red Line is a large collection of stations within the Metro, formerly controlled by a Neo-Soviet faction commonly known as The Red Line. However, a few central stations remain independent, and Hanza maintains control of a small strip. Those stations formerly under rule of the Red Line have fallen into near anarchy after the deaths of former leaders. 


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Polis is located in the heart of the metro, and comprised of the stations Arbatskaya, Aleksandrov Sad, Biblioteka Linina and Borovitskaya. The collective is located directly below the remanants of the Moscow State Library. Considered to be the last bastion of true humanity, Polis is a station boasting wealth, power, and a near pre-war quality of life. Unlike any other stations, Polis posesses advanced machinery and building-like structures. Citizens enjoy high quality living, education, and access to steady livlihood. 

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