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  1. Violet smiled to her husband as she settled into him to rest. It would be easy to tell when she fell asleep as she'd rest just a little heavier onto him. She always felt safe when her husband was around and knew he'd wake her up if he needed to. @Dragon
  2. Violet took in a breath and let it out as she tucked into her husband. “Thank you for coming to get me Red baby,” she said in their native language. She wasn’t sure she’d have survived without him coming to get her. @Dragon
  3. "Oh thank god," she muttered. That meant that they'd have someone watching their back while Red helped her limp along. "Did they say how far out they were?" @Dragon
  4. Violet dragged herself back to the spot she'd been in before, setting her gun aside and sitting back down listening to the world around them. She heard, from upstairs, the muttering of Red trying to get help for them, which meant he may have found a working radio, which was a relief. Setting her head back against the wall she closed her eyes to rest while she waited for the cavalry. @Dragon
  5. Violet breathed slowly too aware of how loud she sounded in the moment even though in reality she wasn't being all that loud. She had her rifle at a loose ready as she moved toward the sounds. As she got closer to the sound it seemed to be a child playing in the hall drawing on the wall and it faded quickly. She blinked and rubbed her eyes. She had never seen so many ghosts in one trip to the surface and it was terrifying. She was sure they were trying to tell her something, or trying to kill her, but why were they chasing her? She looked at the wall where the child had been to see an extremely faded marker image of a train and people inside. She smiled at the image but didn't quite put it together yet. Instead she moved to go back to where Red had left her. @Dragon
  6. Violet pushed herself up and started to follow the sounds of where the laughter came from. Wary to put her feet on the ground because last that that's how she fell and cut her leg open. @Dragon
  7. As Violet sat there she closed her eyes but as soon as she did she felt a creeping cold feeling come up her spine and snapped them open to look around only to see nothing but the creeping feeling didn't fade as she reached for her rifle to make sure it would fire. She breathed out and she could see her breath in front of her. She heard child's laughter off to the left and she looked. It was like back in the building. Like it was trying to tell her something but she didn't know what or how to figure it out. @Dragon
  8. Violet could really relax but the alcohol Red had given her certainly helped by making her a bit heady, it also distracted her from the stinging of her leg. She watched as he walked further into the building. @Dragon
  9. Violet nodded as she settled. "Okay," she agreed. @Dragon
  10. "It's pretty bad baby," she said to him. @Dragon
  11. Violet simply grumphed at him a few times as she took another swig from Red's flask. @Dragon
  12. "Maybe... ouch. fucking hell," she said as she cringed the thread pulling a little more than it should have. "Fuck." @Dragon
  13. "I'm allowed to be a little bit bitter." @Dragon
  14. Violet hummed as she started to relax. "Baby. That's why I love you." @Dragon
  15. "Oh god, I wish that were true. Never would have gotten our divorce if it were." @Dragon
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