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  1. With his chest exposed Tonka's hands roamed. He looked slight of figure but he had muscles for days. Her fingers ran over his muscles as they continued to escalate. @Dragon
  2. There really wasn't much to what she was wearing. Bras were a thing from the before metro times. As his fingers stroked the skin under her shirt she attempted to help him off with his own. @Dragon
  3. Tonka wasn't really experienced but she knew what she wanted. She took after her mom in that way. So as he kissed her harder she adjust to take off her jacket and throw it on the floor. @Dragon
  4. Tonka had wanted it but she was still shocked by him actually kissing her. It took her a second to reciprocate but she did, reaching up to touch his face. @Dragon
  5. Tonka took a seat beside him she was excited and nervous. She really wanted to kiss him but her nerves were getting the better of her right then so she took the vodka and took a swig before she passed it back to him. “This is nice.” @Dragon
  6. The inn wasn’t far off from the bar. Probably because a lot of people preferred to get drunk and stumble home most nights. He got himself a tent before they went over to it. Tonka offered him the vodka. @Dragon
  7. “Come on. Let’s go get you a place to stay the night,” she said to him. @Dragon
  8. "Think I could come with you? I'll bring the vodka?" she bit her bottom lip. @Dragon
  9. "They are the worst," she said rolling her eyes with a large smile. "Where are you staying?" @Dragon
  10. Tonka smiled to him. "It went horribly right? Silly novice girl broke it almost irreparably." @Dragon
  11. Tonka laughed and turned a dark shade of pink as she nodded. "Well yeah. I just figured since you and your girlfriend just broke up according to you that maybe I shouldn't try to see how long you intended on staying in Oberon." @Dragon
  12. "Seth does not know," she said. "I think he'd be more upset that I'm with a guy I'm attracted to." @Dragon
  13. "My brothers raised me," she advised. "Seth and Richie. They drove me nuts but they kept me safe in the Reich." @Dragon
  14. “I’m just going home. It’s not far enough from this place,” she joked. “Night major. Good luck getting something out of.... crazy.” @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  15. “I remember preferring my dad,” she admitted to Ilia with a smile. @Dragon
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