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  1. Violet released her husband to collect their food so they could start walking back toward the hotel they were in. "So I'm guessing I have to deal with Seth and explaining that his little sister isn't little anymore?" @Dragon
  2. "Well then we'll have to find a place to build it. Are you as excited as I am?" @Dragon
  3. “My brother Richie found it one one of his outings with Seth. He brought it home for me.” @Dragon
  4. "Lis," Xander said with an exasperated sigh as he tugged the papers out of her reach. "Why is it that you do that? You do realize where this is right?" he twisted the map around to show her where she pointed. "Its on the edge of central Moscow. Not even the Rangers like to go there and they are the meanest fuck's down here. You've heard about the ghosts right?" Xander was just trying to be cautious. It was likely the most dangerous place on the surface, certainly had the most amount of radiation, that was for sure. @HalesTheComet
  5. Violet glanced to the stall they had come to. "I think our food is almost ready and all news is better with good food," she said to him. @Dragon
  6. Xander looked down at the pieces of paper skeptically before he looked up to Lisova. "What has you so interested in this?" he asked her as he drew the pages closer but didn't actually start reading it. "And what makes you think that it has any sort of truth to it. We've both seen mad ramblings. The radiation gets to some stalkers heads," he reminded her as he finally took his shot and pulled his pack into his lap to pull out the things he had found topside. He wasn't dismissing what she found yet but at the same time it was likely just another made man's ramblings of treasure that would g
  7. Violet smiled to him and gave him another kiss. "I wouldn't trade you for anything." @Dragon
  8. Violet simply gave him a kiss instead of debating any semantics of it. “Only because you hear me,” she muttered to him. @Dragon
  9. “Mmm,” she hummed to him. “You’re so lucky you’re right.” @Dragon
  10. Xander led the way off to a dimly lit bar where they went to at this particular station. It was convenient, they could get some vodka and split their cut. He had better opportunities then she did normally. Sometimes it was a good run but this one was barely enough to pay for the vodka and maybe a room for a few nights. Once they were settled and he had ordered them each shots he relaxed back. As he often did he waited for their drinks before he pulled out what he had gotten and settled it onto the table. ”Almost feel like the city doesn’t have anything left,” he admitted as he s
  11. “Yeah I knew that poisoning you wouldn’t be a good idea.” @Dragon
  12. Xander waited as the entrance was opened by the guards and they were let into the station, the escalators behind them filled with the rubble of the old world, a world neither of them remembered so much as heard about in drunken ramblings from the older generations. The ones that spoke of blue skies and green grass and heat so unbearable that people were hosing themselves down with water. Clean water wasn't exactly abundant and it didn't sound like a good use of it but they listened, or he did mostly. As the door opened enough for them, they walked in and had their passports checked b
  13. Violet smiled as she nudged her nose against his. "Damn straight I did," she said to him. @Dragon
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