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    Charlotte had been in Polis officially for a few months now. She was showing more which answered the question that everyone was too afraid to ask one of their high ranking commanders. Rangers feared him more than they cared to know why his girlfriend was transferred from Bumansky to Polis permanently. The only thing they cared about was that they got to Bumansky, got her stuff and got back again safely. Charlotte was feeling stir crazy and despite knowing that Dagonet may be checking in on her soon she left her little make-shift shop to wander around Polis a little, stretch her legs. Mayb
  2. During the impact, Joe's position nearly on top of the truck in the gunner position had her thrown out of the truck. She hit a wall pretty hard as she groaned. She really, really fucking hated this place. Her vision flashed black a few times as she moved to push herself up off the ground not hearing the vulture in the truck. "Ilia, Novokov," she said groggily as she used the wall to push herself onto her feet. "You guys okay?" she asked. She wiped the blood out of her eyes before she blinked a few times and lifted her weapon to her shoulder to focus her on her surroundings. Unfortuna
  3. "I'm not fucking driving," she tapped the top of the vehicle. "Lets go Novikoff," she said. "Yeah yeah puta." "You're not allowed to say that to me you Russian dick bag," she responded to him. "You're the one that taught it to me." "And I still regret it," she said as the truck began to lurch forward. @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  4. “Closest you’ll get is the nerd,” Joe indicated toward Ilia. @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  5. Novikoff shook his head. "Pack of watchers that way," he said. "Get in the truck. If we sit here any longer we're going to be eaten too," he said indicating toward the sky. @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  6. "I'm not particularly well known for my manners," she advised him as they got outside. Her eyes landed on Ilia, the smaller of the two men with her. Shorter than even she was but he had broad shoulders. Under the mask he had a baby face which earned him a lot of flak. When she saw Novikoff come around the vehicle, sticking close to it with his gun she pulled the muzzle out of the man's back and threw it at Ilia. "I broke it again," she advised the smaller man. "Lets get the hell out of here," she said shoving Misha's shoulder closer to the vehicle. "I'm on top," she said as she headed tow
  7. "And you wonder why I like to punch people," Joe responded as she gave him a look glancing out the window. "Its right outside," she said to him. "Walk slow, if they see you and not me they might shoot you. Not sure it would be a big loss vulture." @AnOriginalAccountNam
  8. "And what the fuck do you know?" she asked him clearly becoming angry as she took a quick step to shove the muzzle of her gun against his shoulder and shove him forward. @AnOriginalAccountNam
  9. "It's sort of my go to," she said to him. "Kinda like sayin' hi," she finished explaining as he reached the landing. She took the last few steps quick. "Fucking Solokov. Novikoff? Where are you fuckers?" Joe frowned. "Keep moving," she said. "They are probably at the truck." @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  10. Joe lingered as the man continued to move. She looked over her shoulder toward the sounds. It ended with a loud slamming sound. Joe put her eyes back on the back of the man's head as she headed down the stairs. There was a portion of them that were half there and crumbling. "Don't hurt yourself more," she said to him. "Solokov. Novikoff. I'm on my way down. I found a new friend," she said. There was an obvious smirk in her voice. "And no Solokov I haven't punched him yet." @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  11. Joe glanced over his shoulder toward the shouting again. "Don't have to have faith in what you've seen with you're own eyes," Joe advised the man as she indicated with the muzzle of her gun for him to walk around her. "No medics but we have a field kit that will likely patch you up long enough to get back to base," she explained. @AnOriginalAccountNam
  12. Joe had the muzzle of her gun tipped down but not low enough that she wouldn't fire if she found that the man was a threat. Joe saw the man emerge and start approaching her but there was a loud bang behind him and shouting. She lifted her gun to aim it at him, before she would answer about a medic. "Do you have friends or something?" The worst part about the dead city is it was hard to tell what was real and what wasn't. @AnOriginalAccountNam
  13. Joe fucking hated this place. Why was it always her that seemed to get sent here? She knew a few reasons why, she was the one that got bored the fastest, which was saying something in the Metro. She licked the back of her teeth as she waited for the answer from the man, or what sounded like a man. It was always hard to tell through masks. She looked down to the ground and kicked a rock. Holding her weapon to her chest not particularly worried at the moment. When the man responded she grunted. She wasn't a large fan of the vultures called stalkers either. They caused more trouble than they
  14. The boots would come to a slow halt. It wasn't just this ranger, there were two others downstairs but the sound of a voice made them pause. Joe knew that she had heard something and it was the only reason she had come upstairs despite the instability of the building. There was that brief moment that Joe considered just walking away or coming in guns blazing but the other person had asked which normally meant they were stupid or scared. Could have been both. "Guess that depends," said the muffled Rangers voice from down the hall. "Who's askin'?" it was easy to tell that the voice wasn't al
  15. Alice nodded to him. "Sounds amazing," she agreed as they moved to head further into the market. Alice was glad to just stretch her legs and be out of a hospital bed. @Dragon
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