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  1. Damian smirked over to her. “It is,” he agreed, taking a sip from his drink. @Dragon
  2. “We can’t find Chewick,” he said. The man butchering his partners name. @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  3. "I think that means more special occasion." @Dragon
  4. "So is this your daily route?" Damian asked her. "Or just special for me?" he queried her, the sting of the bite still on his lips. @Dragon
  5. The woman monologued and monologued and monologued. It was certainly something a pretentious know-it-all would do. However, fortunate for her she stopped threatening Dagonet's partner. It would be the commotion outside that would grab either of their attention. "Sir...." the man said knocking on the door. @Dragon @AnOriginalAccountNam
  6. "How about I go get him cause you obviously ain't goin' anywhere little girl," Joe said to Zaya. "Where's he at again?" she asked taking a swig of the vodka. @AnOriginalAccountNam
  7. Xander's eyes went to where she indicated as he indicated to her to lower her voice as he followed her toward the door. He made sure she was looking. "I need you to do it quietly," he said to her. The noise would not only attract the guards but the nosali as well and while the guards they could probably handle together if they got the jump on them, the nosali were a completely different story. @HalesTheComet
  8. Damian didn't expect for her to turn into him again but he accepted it happily as he returned the kiss, pulling her in as close as he could get her to leave room around them for the bustling market to move around them in the moment, both hands on her hips as he slid on around to the small of her back. It was like a small eternity that he didn't want to leave that they stood there before their order was ready. @Dragon
  9. "Tired already?" he asked her. His was listening for all the smaller things. The digging that indicated the nosali were on their way. He feared that the sound would get them killed. He just prayed that they wouldn't come. "Look for a maintenace room or something small that we can curl up into for a while," he whispered to her. @HalesTheComet
  10. "Gonna be a long night," he muttered to her. "Lets see if we can find a place we can secure or if we can get to the next station. Really our only options." @HalesTheComet
  11. "Its fine," he said. "Those pricks are just greedy bastards. Wouldn't have asked for fifty normally. They thought they could fleece us," he advised her once she was settled, he kept a hand on the small of her back as they pressed forward into the swallowing dark. "It just made it apparent that they could when you brought out the money. Always wait until the deal is done before you make a trade," he advised her. @HalesTheComet
  12. When they traveled together it was normally on the surface. It was rare and normally with a rail car, that they traveled together underground. There were more subtle sounds in the tunnels of the Metro that Lis couldn't hear. He squeezed her hand as he nodded. "Quickly," he whispered but directly into her good ear. @HalesTheComet
  13. When he noted Lisova wasn't directly beside him he paused and put his hand out. "Come on Lis. Its going to get very dark very quickly," he reminded her. @HalesTheComet
  14. "You never pull out a stack of bullets casually like that," he said to her. "Just.... come on," he said shaking his head as they continued through the checkpoint. Fortunately the man hadn't gotten word, or (even better) he had no intention of chasing them but you could never be too careful in the Metro. Especially now. Everything was on its side since the rangers were nearly depleted. It was like everyone was vying to take control in the ways they knew how. After a tense moment of the man looking over his and Lisova's paperwork the man handed it back and waved them through. "Open the gate," he called as they let them leave. @HalesTheComet
  15. "Depends on how many bullets they feel they'll get back. You just showed them 30. If it takes them ten they still get twenty," he whispered to her. @HalesTheComet
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