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  1. She is a hot mess, but she tries to be a good and semi-decent person. That isn't to say she is without flaw, however. In fact, she is riddled with flaws and insecurities. She doesn't mean to be, but she is. She hides all her human fallacies beneath a veneer of toughness. She might be sociable to a certain extent but when it comes to strangers, she tends to keep them at an arm's length until they earn her trust. Even then, time and circumstances have taught her to never put all of her trust in someone. In this post-apocalyptic hell, it's everyone for themselves and she is hyper aware of the fac
  2. Nokomis, here, is a teacher for the Pioneer subfaction of the Children of the Forest. She may seem like a frosty, stone-cold bitch but what lies beneath the surface is so much more than that. The truth of the matter - simply put - is that she is fiercely protective of those that she has mentored and is certainly protective over her makeshift family, overall. She doesn't really support the division between the "subfactions" but understands its necessity and refuses to condone what the Pirates have been doing. If it was up to her, she'd find a way to hit reset. Because she can't, however, she wi
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