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  1. "What's it look like?" @Morrigan
  2. "You never know. Stranger things have happened." @Morrigan
  3. "Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately even Oberon has its share of assholes." @Morrigan
  4. "You still found them again. That's something." @Morrigan
  5. "I guess that makes you one of the lucky ones," Ilia smiled. @Morrigan
  6. "It's one of the better stations," Ilia smiled, "they all have their trouble but at least bandits stay away." @Morrigan
  7. "Not long at all. How do you like it so far?" @Morrigan
  8. "So how long have you been in Oberon?" @Morrigan
  9. "Maybe," he nodded - though that seemed more of a wispy dream than any sort of real possibility. The surface was toxic and flush with blood thirsty mutants, after all. @Morrigan
  10. "If only," he nodded in agreement, "sounds so much better than what we have down here." @Morrigan
  11. "My power within Polis is irrelevant to the matter at hand, love," he answered in a bluntly droll tone, "what you should consider carefully is the power I hold over you. I've little patience for games so you can either confess what you know, or I can have you tortured until you tell me whatever I decide I want to hear." @AnOriginalAccountNam
  12. "That sounds a little nicer," he agreed. @Morrigan
  13. "Yeah. I don't really see the point of intentionally eating painful foods." @Morrigan
  14. "No. It sounds weird to me, really." @Morrigan
  15. "My ex used to talk about that stuff a lot," Ilia said without thinking, "...shit... sorry." @Morrigan
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