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  1. Dag nodded as she indicated their location, "Wait out here," he murmured, pausing to brush down his uniform a moment. Once composed he squared his shoulders and strode inside to confront those waiting. @AnOriginalAccountNam @Morrigan
  2. Dag narrowed his gaze at her briefly, "Meet me outside when you're done," he said before turning to make his way out of the sick bay. @Morrigan
  3. "You're going to mind yourself," Dag countered evenly, "I don't understand why Chuck wasn't more suspicious, but I don't like what she described. I want to know what they were looking for and you aren't going to let your temper get in the way unless you want to be stripped back down to a buck ass private." @Morrigan
  4. Ilia Sokolov

    I fucked up

    "Might be," he answered, looking at the weapon rather than her at the moment, "if I can get this bastard working again then it's certainly tough enough to survive you... at least for a few weeks." @Morrigan
  5. Ilia Sokolov

    I fucked up

    Fortunately, the injuries sustained in the Dead City hadn't been too serious. Ilia had recovered quickly enough. He hadn't been cleared for the field again, yet, but held no complaints. Given his druthers, he Ilia would have spent most - if not all - of his days sequestered in his shop. Field work was all fine and good, but this was what he'd been made for. Mechanical and tech support. That was what he really loved. He was refurbishing an old rifle a stalker had recovered from the surface, at that moment. The radio was playing in the background, skipping every so often thanks to wear and
  6. "Hindsight, I reckon," Dag shrugged. @Morrigan
  7. "As though you'd admit it if you did," Dag answered with a smirk. @Morrigan
  8. "What did the poor bastard do to blunder into your ire?" @Morrigan
  9. "Oh for fuck's sake," Dag growled under his breath, briefly debating whether or not to follow. As he noticed the eyes on them, he determined against it. Chasing after her would only lead to escalation. No sense giving the gossip mongers down here any ammunition. As Charlotte disappeared he stood from the table, getting rid of what was left in his bowl. He returned it to the vendor's dish cart, then turned the opposite direction to go find Joe and see about looking into the individuals the ranger and Charlotte had told him about earlier. @Morrigan
  10. The name wasn't familiar. He certainly didn't know it from the Reich... Seth stored it away for later. His sister might know the name. "Sorry," he shook his head, "name isn't familiar. What's the kid supposed to be doing here?" he asked, probing for more information under the guise of concern for the man's predicament. @Morrigan @deTimber
  11. In the moment, Seth was experiencing a similar sort of inward panic. What the fuck was Dusty doing there? Had the Reich figured out they were there? Or had he deserted, also? Seth couldn't claim to know the guy that well. There were a lot of soldiers in the Reich army who whispered about deserting, though few ever took the risk. He didn't know the other man well enough to have been privy to any such desires. Whether or not Dusty recognized him, though, promptly became unclear. Seth listened to the pleading question, expression masked even as his mind scrambled. He didn't reme
  12. "I face fucking reality and reality is for all the sad shit you've seen, you still don't have a god damn clue what's out there closing further in on us every day. All I'm asking is for you to stay on the protected lines, if for nothing else for the baby's sake." @Morrigan
  13. "You only say that because you don't really understand what the fuck is out there. You think this is like the old world where your parents got anxious about you traveling through certain parts of town late at night." @Morrigan
  14. "It isn't just about you anymore." @Morrigan
  15. It had been a long day out on the surface, most of it spent clearing watchers away from a nest they'd been attempting to build. Seth peeled off his mask as the airlocks closed behind him, allowing himself to finally relax in the safety of the station. He paused to shake the snow off himself, then twisted to hang his mask on his pack. Seth shouldered his rifle and made for the checkpoint. Damian was on duty, so he angled for the man knowing that his brother-in-law (or whatever he was) would recognize and let him in easy. It was as he raised a hand in greeting that Damian stepped aside, gi
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