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  1. "I'm glad you did," he smiled, "I had a lot of fun too." @Morrigan
  2. "Well, I'll keep an eye out," he said, looking over to her, "if there's a real diamond in it, then Polis is the most likely place for anyone to try and sell it off." @Morrigan
  3. "What kind of metal is it made from?" @Morrigan
  4. "What's it look like?" @Morrigan
  5. "You never know. Stranger things have happened." @Morrigan
  6. "Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately even Oberon has its share of assholes." @Morrigan
  7. "You still found them again. That's something." @Morrigan
  8. "I guess that makes you one of the lucky ones," Ilia smiled. @Morrigan
  9. "It's one of the better stations," Ilia smiled, "they all have their trouble but at least bandits stay away." @Morrigan
  10. "Not long at all. How do you like it so far?" @Morrigan
  11. "So how long have you been in Oberon?" @Morrigan
  12. "Maybe," he nodded - though that seemed more of a wispy dream than any sort of real possibility. The surface was toxic and flush with blood thirsty mutants, after all. @Morrigan
  13. "If only," he nodded in agreement, "sounds so much better than what we have down here." @Morrigan
  14. "My power within Polis is irrelevant to the matter at hand, love," he answered in a bluntly droll tone, "what you should consider carefully is the power I hold over you. I've little patience for games so you can either confess what you know, or I can have you tortured until you tell me whatever I decide I want to hear." @AnOriginalAccountNam
  15. "That sounds a little nicer," he agreed. @Morrigan
  16. "Yeah. I don't really see the point of intentionally eating painful foods." @Morrigan
  17. "No. It sounds weird to me, really." @Morrigan
  18. "My ex used to talk about that stuff a lot," Ilia said without thinking, "...shit... sorry." @Morrigan
  19. "You've got a few things going for you," he smiled. @Morrigan
  20. "Oh, you're a dramatic sort then, eh?" @Morrigan
  21. "More worried about me, or running into a hostile relative?" @Morrigan
  22. "I'm not hard to please, even if they're not," he grinned. @Morrigan
  23. "Sounds good to me," he answered as he tugged on his shirt and followed her out while grabbing up his belongings. @Morrigan
  24. That was strange to him. Joe had never made him look away when she'd dressed the next morning. "Right... So where's the best place for morning eats around here?" @Morrigan
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