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  1. @Morrigan @Dragon Natashia looked surprised at the sudden return of light, so much she had to look away and cover them until her eyes readjusted and she could blink away large blurry dots in her vision. "I guess naptime is over huh, Major?" Natashia asked forcing a yawn and leaning back in her chair. "Is it morning already? We gonna finally get down to business?" She asked.
  2. @Morrigan @Dragon Zaya had done as she was told soon after Joe had left, making her way for the part of the farthest platform near the tunnels to Smolenskaya. Many Rangers had homes there, not their usual tent barracks but genuine homes, nicely built shacks. Why some lived here and not all of them was something she wasn't certain on. She wandered around for a bit until a ranger, an old but strong looking man in his fifties asked her what she was doing there while he smoked a cigarette. "...Do you know where Joe lives?" She eventually asked, working up the courage after a few m
  3. "Yes, sir." Voloyda said giving a quick salute. "Get going then, corporal." Valkov ordered and soon Voloyda left the room to find Malakov. "I'll go and put the BOLO out." Valkov said soon after, following Voloyda out.
  4. "By now? About a month later?" Valkov asked. "Probably at home...dead...who knows." He explained before looking at Voloyda. "...I only explored part of Metro-2, sir." He explained to Valkov. "Bunker-703 and some tunnels...I didn't find anything about any Gleb there..." "Worth a try." Valkov muttered. "So...unless someone wants to rush over to wherever they live...Serpukhovskaya I think that Turgenev asshole said back when they came in from the dead city..." Valkov began, gesturing to Joe as he brought up that shitshow. "...we will need to figure something else out." Valkov continued
  5. @Dragon @Morrigan "....She didn't hear anything?" Valkov asked Joe. "Gleb just walked in a killed him, no threats, no arguments, fighting, no reason for the murder? Just killed him?"
  6. @deTimber Misha slowed down but continued to walk ahead, keeping an eye on Maksym's leg for a brief moment as they did. He never liked having to deal with injuries on the surface, it was already hard enough to handle them in the metro, on the surface is was nearly impossible to do, at least safely. "Oh yeah..." Misha began. "We used to all the time...It's ironic though, we used to pass that police station every time we did come out here, those places are always picked clean, what would be the point?" He asked. "Then we got this info..." Misha continued as they found soon found their
  7. @Dragon @Morrigan "Gleb huh?" Valkov asked, thinking it over. "Not the most common name but it doesn't really narrow it down for us either..." He explained. "Forget about the Gleb guy for now..." Voloyda told him. "At least now we know somethings up..." He explained before thinking it over. "Then again I doubt the Council or the Kshatryia will care too much about what she might say without anything from that Natasha girl....she hasn't budged at all." Voloyda explained. "And we gave it are all...everything short of torture." Valkov added. "I'm thinking we shoul
  8. @Dragon @Morrigan Joe made her way to where Dagonet, Voloyda and Valkov had gone with Natasha. In one of the old maintenance rooms the machinery had been cleared, a table set up and some lights. One ranger had referred to it as something from some 'cheesy crime film' and for all intents and purposes that was how it looked. It was bare bones, and to some, intimidating. Soon enough she found Dagonet with the other two, the interrogation seemingly taking a small break. "She's something else...I'll give her that." Valkov muttered.
  9. @deTimber (OOC: Alright.) "The hotels got more medicine, just in case." Misha said, gesturing for Maksym to follow. Soon Misha lead them up from the river and back out onto the street, readying his RPK once more Misha continued on and Maksym followed, heading down the road then beginning to head down the block, soon Misha pointed. "See that? The building with the radio antennae? That's what's left of the hotel, the rangers put the radio on there a few months back." He explained, continuing on. "They really sealed the building up, fixed the vents and the filters in them. You can breat
  10. @Morrigan Zaya nodded once more. "Ok...I will." She mumbled, soon beginning to slightly crawl out of her hiding spot.
  11. @Morrigan Zaya nodded, Joe's suspicions made sense even if there was no motive to be found yet then she heard Joe's next question. "I...I'm not entirely sure but I know where the rangers live...I can ask around, I'm sure I can find it..." Zaya explained nervously.
  12. @Morrigan As Joe brushed her pants off, Zaya reached out, her hand dragging the bullets inside towards her. "...Thank you..." She muttered. "I will..." She added, looking the bullets over in her hands, part of her ready to burst into tears over the emotional roller coaster of today but then she remembered what Joe said...'covering it up'... "Why would they cover it up?" Zaya asked, hoping she hadn't missed Joe walking off yet.
  13. @Dragon The station ahead of them had already sounded the alarm, the dinging could be heard from it all the way down the tunnel where the Red Army had gathered, standing before their colonel, Yakov Denikin who now stood upon a heavily armored railcart, a megaphone in hand. “Soldiers, it has been many months since we have begun our campaign—but it will soon be over. Ahead of you lies the final traitorous station before we come upon the territory of the greedy Hansa. Ahead of you lies Krasnye Vorota—once one of our most productive stations, now a hub for cowards and traitors, too greed
  14. @deTimber Grischa kept quiet for a moment then just as the Demon appeared he took his rifle off of his back. "Fire!" Grischa ordered and each member of the group took aim and began to open fire, the demon managed to close the gap alot quicker then anyone had really anticipated, even as the bullets grazed it, and some pierced the leather skin on its wings. The beast landed on what remained of the bridge, not to far from Maksym and Misha, the ground shook and Misha fell backwards and the Demon rushed ahead, heading straight for Maksym. "Back!" Misha shouted, opening fire with his
  15. @deTimber The group continued on into western Moscow mostly in silence for the first few minutes of their journey, occasionally Vasha and the heavily accented Adam would take jabs at each other, or start a conversation about the city. It seems both of them were old enough to remember the city quite well, with Adam making comments on the stores they passed as if he had been in them yesterday, and on the police heavily patrolling some the nearby government buildings in the days leading up to the war. Meanwhile, Misha had been quiet the whole journey, lugging around his RPK and keeping an ey
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