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  1. @Morrigan "I...need to get home..." Zaya mumbled, trying for the door again before losing her footing once more, collapsing in front of the door, seeing the world spin and a splitting pain shoot through her head, both making her hack up again, though nothing came out this time. The feeling, while intense, was short lived; once it subsided slightly, Zaya sat up, her breathing slightly labored from the pain of the hangover. "...I...My brother needs to know." She said to Joe. "About...Belikov..." She said a second later. She hadn't told him too much....maybe that was for the best. Though she knew the sicko's death left her without a job, and even in Polis use still needed one for a home, for a life.
  2. @Dragon The woman let out a heavy sigh, shaking her head. "Everything needs to be spelled out for you people doesn't it?" She asked. "...Like I'm said. I'm sure you've heard the stories. Everyone and their mother has. Every little child and grown adult has heard of us." She said then gave a smirk. "In the halls of Metro-2, hidden under the Kremlin, with tunnels leading to bunkers, and airports to take us all to the bunkers in the Urals." She began. "Except none of us made it as the story goes. We either all died, or we watch over you like Gods. Even gave us a stupid name: Invisible Watchers. Like some kind of ghost or angel." She said with a scoff, shaking her head, a far off look in her eye before turning her head awkwardly back to Dagonet. "I'm sure you heard those legends...though I'm sure you can guess it's lies. You're a Ranger. You've been to D6, seen what it was like. Empty, sealed off. You've probably heard of other bunkers spread throughout Moscow. Either filled with mutants, or water, or lunatics like that dumb ass...you're Volodya fellow found." She explained. "You've seen how empty Metro-2 is...for the most part. You've also seen how empty the Kremlin is I would presume. Well...except for the mutants...more or less..." She continued then sat forward, resting her hands on the table, locking the fingers together. "I'm dead anyway...might as well tell you that Metro-2 is empty for the most part, but the legends are true. Just not exactly. We live there...and everywhere. Polis, Hansa, the Nazi's...what's left of the Redline that hasn't fallen in anarchy after Moskvin. Hell we even got people in some of the smaller factions....Baumansky....The Arbat Confederation...1905....and a lot of bandit gangs..." She explained, shrugging. "We're everywhere...and no where." She continued then looked at Dagonet with a genuinely curious look. "Do you think anything's changed since the war?" She asked. "I mean truly. Or even before that. Has anything changed since the days of Putin, or all of the communists leaders before him? Or the Tsar's before them?" She asked. "It hasn't, they're all the same puppets now as they were then. Now it's just different puppets. There is always someone leading from behind the scenes. You know it to be true....You know there are always people moving things behind the scenes. Money, info, power. Always someone to threaten the politician, or the civilian into doing what they want, and we're the people that do that. Just like we did with the boyars--the nobles who actually controlled the Tsar, or the secret police of the USSR, or the oligarchs leading up to 2013 along with Putin himself...and now we're doing the same down here. Except we no longer deal with oligarchs, now we deal with warlords and fools. We deal with Yakov Denikin and that Pavel Morozov fellow and all their foolish little fights in the Redline. We deal with Loginov and his greed in Hansa. We deal with the Fourth Reich, and have our sights on that little American sociopath of theirs." She continued with her rant before that same stupid smirk of her's returned. "We also deal with you....or rather the one before you. Where did old Sviatoslav go, Dagonet? Where is your colonel I wonder..." She teased. "...Doesn't matter I guess. We're not here to talk about him after all. We're here to talk about me, and I just told you everything. I'm part of the watchers, we got rid of Balikov...give them a few hours or days they'll do the same to me and they'll sweep this conversation under the rug..." She began then gave pained sigh. "So yeah...that's the truth. First time telling it ever" She murmured. "Don't know how much longer it will be once they hide all of this." She added. "As for why...They only tell people like me so much. Just enough to get rid of who we're told to get rid of. Belikov outlived his usefulness...All I know is that some stalker...some Hansa asshole...Mikhail Turgenev? And his girlfriend....some Katya woman...they were asking about Metro-2...and Belikov just let them go. Not something you should do when we are working with you..." She explained. "If you want to know more, I'd go looking for that stalker...whoever the hell he is..." She said, slumping back down in her chair. "We done?" She asked a second later.
  3. @Dragon @Morrigan The woman gave a scoff. "I do." She said. "So does everyone else...or everyone who matters." She said. "Hansa, the Nazi's....what's left of the Redline." She continued, then looked Dagonet in the eyes, moving her handcuffed hands out, gesturing with them, at him.... "So do you. Polis...The Kshatryia, the Brahmin, and the other groups....and you. You Rangers." She said. "You serve Russia...even if you don't know it." She said, lowering her hands then she shook her head, before she relaxed in the chair and her head lowered and tilted to the side, seemingly dragged down. "...With how quickly we work we never did get Colonel Miller to tell you...or the other higher ups in the Rangers. Still...you work for Russia, even if it's in rubble." She said, giving a saddened look which vanished a moment later as she looked back at Dagonet.
  4. @Morrigan Zaya was quiet for a moment, thinking over what Joe was talking about. She hadn't seen the woman...though she had heard some kind of commotion near Belikov's office before Joe found her. *I've never seen a crazy person* She thought, and it was true. She had heard stories of people in poor stations screaming at voices in their heads, seeing things, and believing strange things like other cities outside of Moscow, but those were all far from Polis, while therapists and other mental health doctors didn't truly exist here, there was still a lack of the types of craziness she had heard about.... "She's crazy?" Zaya asked, soon deciding that: *It doesn't matter* With that she began to get up, her legs shaking as she did. On the way up she wiped her mouth once more, getting any of the puke left on it off. She still had to go and speak to her brother, tell him she was done, both with today's work, and it seemed with her job altogether. Belikov's was dead, the hellish part of her life seemed to be ending but Zaya felt little happiness over that. She would still need to find somewhere to work, even with Belikov gone there was still some hardships... "I want to go home...I need to tell my brother about Belikov..." Zaya said, handing the canteen back to Joe and taking a shaky step forward, towards the door.
  5. @Morrigan "The woman?" Zaya asked, and slightly remembered seeing someone being sectioned off by some Rangers, dragged off later just before Joe found her. "What did she do?" Zaya asked, unscrewing the canteen and taking a drink, the water washing the taste of vomit out of her mouth well enough, even if was fowl going down.
  6. @Grimscythe (OOC: Hey, Grim. Sorry for taking so long with this. I have been having trouble with finding motivation for roleplaying on the site but it's back now, more or less, and plus I knew I owed you a reply. So here you are, sorry if it's a bit all over the place. I've edited it alot and added stuff so that no doubt contributed to it if it does feel like that. I'll try and make the next response both come at a better time and also be more coherent.) Katya eyed the cigarette for a moment before turning it down, shaking her hand and holding her hand up as if to stop it. She wasn’t a smoker. She didn’t even drink too much but smoking made her want to pule. The smell made her head feel strange, it gave her headaches and nausea, so she had learned to avoid them as much as she could. Though in a country where smoking was a common activity even before the war that was easier said than done for the woman. After turning it down her eyes centered on Sofka, watching her chest rising and falling. She looked like she had crawled through hell, and she pretty much had. Katya wasn’t sure she’d make it, even with the doctors help and it seemed the doctor wasn’t too confident either. Soon the question came, and Katya, who normally did her best to help authority figures when she could, wasn't sure what to tell the doctor, she still wasn't sure on all the facts, or even who she should side with. The men had their own secrets, and she didn’t want to say anything till she knew the entire story, even the bits that Misha and Grischa seemed determined to take to their graves….. But now she knew she had to do something, she couldn’t just walk out now. There were already enough eyes on her as a refugee from the Redline, giving them more reasons to be suspicious of her wouldn’t be helpful for anyone. "I..." Katya began before letting out a shaky breath, scratching at her forehead nervously as she thought the words over. Should I lie? Would that even help the situation? Is the girl even from Metro-2? "...A friend of mine, another stalker from Hansa. A guy named Adam found out about them about half a month or so ago while exploring the tunnels near Arbatskaya." Katya began, going through her conversation with Adam back home and also the one earlier with Misha and Grischa, deciding what to tell the doctor and what not to, but it all became jumbled in her mind and forming a lie became next to impossible. "...He may be a stalker but he, like Grischa, does do some scouting on the side. There's lots of different tunnels that he goes through: side tunnels, bypass ones and the like are uncharted in that part of the metro...so he say's it's good money." Katya began, deciding to be honest for now. "But I doubt you are too interested in that. The tunnels..." She said and sighed, rubbing the back of her neck, struggling to find the words. Most people either assumed she was nuts or weird for the fascination with them, well except for Misha and Adam, Grischa bullied her over it unless it gave them results. "....Well it's no secret that Metro-2 exists. Hansa, Polis, The Nazi's, the Redline, the Baumansky alliance, everyone has found an entrance or two leading to it's tunnels, but no one has ever found a station, only bunkers connected to the systems, maintenance rooms and the like, but no stations. Well...minus the Rangers obviously, they did find one that lead them straight to D6, that bunker complex they lost to my Redline. Besides D6 though, no one else found anything other than mutants, collapsed or flooded tunnels...or from what I've been told...most times the scouts would just vanish." She explained. "...But then Adam said he had found one, a station. One that connects Metro-2 to our metro, metro-1, the one meant for civilians rather than VIPs." She said, her voice becoming excited, almost childlike at retelling the story. "It was amazing to hear...he doesn't lie, or he hasn't so far. He's...like me I guess you could say, he wants the same thing I do....those tunnels may not have saved the president or the prime minister but....well, places like Emerald City...that weird nickname for the stations under Moscow University.... I know people think it's a fairytale, that no one could be alive in those stations, I know it's far fetched to think that the students and professor are still running experiments there...but I believe in that. Hell Polis is doing the exact same, running experiments, making medicine, studying history, math and every other subject that most people don't care about anymore. I don't know why but I do. So does Adam, and maybe Misha...He told me this crazy ass story...a long one too." She began, a small smirk tugging at the corners of her lips until it stopped, the smile dissappering instantly as she remembered who she was talking too, she doubted the good doctor really cared about a story from some stalker, she just wanted answers. "I'm sure you have heard the stories about Park Pobedy, it's a common ghost story. Even back home on the Redline." Katya said, pointing to herself before thinking over what to explain next. "Short version; the tunnels between Arbatskaya and Park Pobedy collapsed soon after the war, no one is sure why though. Some blame the nukes, others earthquakes.” She explained then shrugged, knowing that the answer to what cut Park Pobedy off was lost to time… "Guess it doesn't matter though. Either way the tunnels between the two stations are collapsed and that part of the city has too much radiation to get to the entrance on the station. The only thing Pobedy had going for it was it's depth and the fact it had an airlock like most stations do…but Adam found some tunnels...some maintenance tunnels you won't find on any map. One that...connects tunnels from the bottom portion of the Redline to the Hansa...or so he say's. He said it was mostly abandoned when he went in, though he did come across some mutants like Mikhail...ehh...Misha and Grischa did. Nosalisis rather than the spider bugs. " She said and decided to jump ahead, knowing the doctor didn't want to hear a novels worth of information. She wanted useful info. "Long story short, he eventually found his way to the area around Park Pobedy, came back and told me and then I told Misha and Grischa. They found the tunnels I guess, went through Metro-2 like they had done before.” Katya said, then figured another explanation was due. “Yes we have found other tunnels, we found a bunker last year, and from what I understand there are many connected to Metro-2, it’s not just hidden stations. Misha and the old man made some money off of it, I think it's the only reason they keep me around, and let me talk about it so much...my little obsession can find them some profitable places." She said, putting her hands in her pocket and shrugging awkwardly. "So...I guess that is where she comes from. Either Park Pobedy or somewhere in Metro-2." ...... "So, where to now?" Grischa asked, already his tone becoming sarcastic. "The bar, or do you want to wait around for your new friend Ms. Cannibal?" He asked, though his eyes, angry and fed up more than usual, made it clear he couldn't care less about the answer. "We can go to the bar, right after you tell me what the hell is your problem with her?" Misha said, crossing his arms, and resting against a pillar, waiting for the yelling that Grischa loved to give during conversations like these. He felt like a child being lectured by his dad, it would go in one ear and out the other after annoying him. "My problem?" Grischa asked, half yelling, but also half whispering as he looked around, no doubt coming to the conclusion they would have to answer to the police if they learned the two had dragged a cannibal into the station. "She..." Grischa started, lowering his voice to an actual whisper as he got close to Misha, leaning towards him. "...tried to fucking eat us!" Grischa said "And she helped us escape!" Misha retorted, going to a whisper himself and giving a dirty look to a man who walked by and then nervously trotted away. Once he was gone, Grischa got in Misha’s face, hoping to scare him, to get him to see reason even if through threats, Misha though held his ground as best he could. Grischa was old, but he had seen what the old man could do, and he didn’t want to deal with that if he could avoid it. But he didn’t want to side with Grischa either…. Stand your ground….Misha ordered himself as Grischa spoke. "So we should just forget about it? Forgive? Let bygones be bygones? Have you lost your damned mind? Gone soft?" Grischa asked, his tone becoming more demanding with each question. He figured there had to be something wrong, mentally, with Misha if he was gonna help that girl, that damned cannibal but he couldn’t figure out what. "I'm returning the favor. She could have easily left us in the cell." Misha said, keeping his cool while the old man continued to look and speak just as angrily as before. "She also could have easily killed us, we do not owe her anything." "You're right. We don't. Because we made up for her help by letting her go to the doctor. "You're....Jesus Christ....you're something else." Grischa said, soon turning away, almost staggering off down the platform, wanting to put as much distance between himself and the young man for now. "Where are you going?" Misha yelled, now confused more than ever. "Home!" Grischa yelled back and continued to head for the southern tunnels. "Home? W-wait you mean back to Arbatskaya?" "Yes! I've had enough of your bullshit for the next few days. Write for me when you've come to your senses and that girl is someone elses problem. Until that happens, I'm going home. Gonna take a break from stalking for a few days, live with some sane people as well." Grischa explained, leaving the station as Misha stood there, stunned and now thoroughly nervous. He could handle himself without Grischa, he had done it for years before he met the old man, and a few times since then. Arguments and breaks from each other were not uncommon…but without him that only left his unofficial apprentice to watch his back. Katya. The old man soon disappeared, jumping off the platform and marching down the tunnel, and no doubt heading for the nearest rail cart to get a rid home. He hadn’t brought much from there, just the shirt that he had ripped up, and the rifle and night vision goggles he lost at Park Pobedy. All he had left was the passport in his pocket and some cartridges. He had all he needed to leave…. "Well fuck you too then..." Misha whispered, walking off and heading for the tent he shared with Katya. When he got there he flopped down on their cot. He knew he couldn’t leave Park Kultury. It was a gold mine for stalkers, the portion of the Dead City near the station was filled with supplies and scrap, much of it unlooted. And besides that incentive….there was that girl, that young woman. Sofka. Why did she help us escape?
  7. @Morrigan "Water please..." Zaya said, gagging at the taste in her mouth. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but it was up there. She hadn't been sick much in her life so stomach acid wasn't something she was used to, and seemed to have trouble dealing with. "...Can I see my brother later?" She asked. "He probably thinks I'm still at Belikov's office..." She said, looking off in the direction of the western station of Polis, where an orphanage had been started decades ago when Polis was first made.
  8. Zaya gave a pained grunt, an attempt at a chuckle that didn't quite come out, nausea clouding her mind and almost making her throw up once more. "You're secret is safe with me, Joe..." She said weakly, pushing her self up. "....I didn't think I ate that much..." She mumbled, trying to give a smile at the joke but the reality of it made the smile disappear. She couldn't remember the last time she ate a lot, she knew she ate better than the beggars at more poor stations, but by Polis standards, she was starving. @Morrigan
  9. @Grimscythe Grischa gave something of a smirk to the doctor, it wasn't forced, it was genuine smirk. Inside though, Grischa was less than thrilled, more so bitterly impressed. There is always one who can see through the bullshit He figured. "If she recovers, there's a few things you and I should discuss. Things that, if I were in her position, I'd rather not have divulged to men I don't know. The least we can do is treat her with some sort of dignity because her life has clearly been hell until now." The doctor said, a frown tugging at her lips. For a moment the trio was caught off guard, not so much by the change in emotions of the temperamental doctor but by the request, and especially who it was directed at. "Uh....s-sure." Katya managed to get out. "We'll be back at home I suppose." Misha added and began to walk out, grabbing Grischa by the shoulder and taking the old man out with him before he thought up some bullshit excuse to stay. Through the tent flap they could be seen heading across the platform and for the row of tents reserved for visitors, caravans and stalkers. With both the men gone, Katya stood in silence for a moment, trying to guess what the doctor felt she could only share with a woman, but that only lead to a few dreaded ideas. "So...what is it?" Katya finally asked.
  10. @Morrigan "No...." Zaya groaned out, trying to force herself up before weakly falling down again, and coughing up a small amount of vomit again. She curled up soon after, clutching her sides. "I'm sorry...Joe..." She whispered out, looking at all she had thrown up. She couldn't remember eating that much, yet somehow it had taken up a decent sized chunk of Joe's floor. "Don't be mad..." She added a moment later, pleading as she eyed the Ranger.
  11. @Dragon @Morrigan Natasha once more gave a weak smirk. "Torture....you think that scares me? It'd be merciful compared to what my old boss would do." She said with a small shake of her head, pushing whatever was in her head out. "As for me confessing....well, let's see. I confess that I still serve Russia. Not Polis, or The Red Line, Hansa or any other pretender, but Russia. So go ahead, torture me. Kill me if you want...doesn't matter, Dagonet. I killed Belikov yes, and I'd kill anyone else if it meant keeping Russia safe." She explained, looking back at the major, an exhausted look in her eyes. "So there...there is your confession. I killed Belikov, we...the people I used to work for...we do lots of terrible things to keep Russia safe and going. Though, with Belikov and that little maid girl of his, I'm sure we can agree that it was the least terrible thing I did for my country." She continued then shrugged before going silent and leaning back in her chair. "If you want names though...names of my boss, my friends. You won't get them....then again, you and everyone in the metro already know who we are....even if you think we are just myths and legends. Little ghost stories told to make our metro seem even more mysterious and insane than it already is." Natasha explained, once more resorting to being cryptic. Seems it'd be impossible to get much out of her through talking. She smiled at Dagonet after that. "Just myths and legends..." She repeated. "You know who we are, you're an old man, you've probably heard countless rumors in the metro. You've no doubt heard ours. Though I doubt anyone in Polis will take it seriously on the police report." She explained with a sigh. Back with Zaya she had decided to once more try the vodka, Joe had left. She had gagged the first go, but curiosity got to the better of the girl and now she had managed to get through what was left in the bottle after many difficulty attempts. Now the bottle had rolled off, and the room was spinning all around her. She tried to stand but ended up collapsing, vomiting out onto Joe's floor before laying on her back and wondering what to do next.
  12. @Grimscythe (OOC: Sorry for the delay, life got away from me and I couldn't come up with much until today.) For a moment Misha and Grischa kept quiet, with Misha giving a look to Grischa, asking for guidance. Should we tell her? Misha had to ask himself, hoping Grischa was wondering the same. Oh yeah Doctor, we found a whole tribe of cannibals--she's one of them, thanks for helping her! Misha doubted that would end well. Grischa eventually spoke up after taking an odd breath, seemingly putting the story together in his mind. "Well, as I'm sure those in Hansa know, south of the Arbat Confederation...my home..." Grischa said, touching his chest. "There is some tunnels that used to lead to Park Pobedy, and the stations after it." Grischa! Misha almost yelled, but kept silent, and tried his best attempt to keep a straight face. Was he telling the truth? Misha hoped not. He doubted Hansa would let a cannibal live. Part of him began to question why he should care, he knew it would be more beneficial for most of them to just let Hansa know the truth, and let the girl be shot or sent to some prison or whatever punishment they'd give her...but at the same time part of him felt he owed the woman. She may have almost gotten them killed, she had almost gotten them eaten and had more or less made them crawl through shit to escape her friends, but she had also helped them. Lead them away from that hellhole and told them how to get back to the rest of the metro. As far as Misha was concerned they did owe her, even if just a little bit. What happened after this was still up in the air but he figured the least he could do for her, the least he could do to make them even was lie, or rather let Grischa, a man much better at lying them himself, spin some tale and lie for the girl, this 'Sofka' woman. Misha kept silent and listened to the story Grischa made up as he went along, finding the odd mixture of truth and lie oddly fascinating but not unheard of for Grischa. Misha had seen Grischa do it countless times, mixing the two, telling both the truth and lie. It had annoyed him at first, part of him detested liars but also knew that it was helpful when it was needed. "Well, I'm also sure you know the story. Everything south of the Arbat is just a dead zone, the tunnels heading to Park Pobedy collapsed not too long after the war, some say it collapsed the day of the war." Grischa explained the shrugged. "Even I can't really remember, been so long." He added then continued. "But that doesn't matter. Park Pobedy is dead, or if anyone is there they don't care about the metro. But we..." Grischa motioned between himself and Misha. "Did find some tunnels not far from where the tunnel collapse was. Seems like maintenance tunnels. Really old ones, they seem to make up part of the Redline rather than the line Park Pobedy is on." Grischa began to explain before Katya spoke up. "I think they might've been part of Metro-2, I heard part of it goes that way for the university....Emerald City." She said, rather hopefully as Grischa shook his head, annoyed. Metro-2, Emerald City, University, Yadda, Yadda...girl is like a broken fucking record! Grischa thought, wanting to scream at Katya for a moment. Damn girl never shut up over it, normally it was just annoying, at least for himself meanwhile fucking Misha actually encouraged it. When it first started he couldn't blame the girl for wanting to believe in the fairytale, who wouldn't? A place away from the radiation, filled with food and advanced technology, a guaranteed future, who wouldn't want any of that? There was even a time when Grischa considered it a possibility, but that was years ago. Now after looking for it's tunnels, mostly at Katya and Misha's urging, and now after nearly getting eaten by other humans and spider bugs he was too pissed to just ignore it, to cast it aside and let the girl rant about it, one of these days he knew he'd have to get it through her head: that Emerald City was a fairytale and that no one lived in the stations near the university but for right now he had to keep his cool, handle the damn doctor. "That's doubtful, Yekaterina." Grischa said, perhaps a little too sternly. "Either way though, there is not much left. The area we found her in seemed like a pretty cozy place. Had alot of beds, a camp fire or two. Weapons, lots of food." Grischa said a moment later, listing off what he had 'seen'. "Uh...some of the boxes even had some logos from the Redline so it seems they did have some trade. My guess is they used some tunnels that bypassed the Hansa portion of Park Kultury, and just went directly for the Redline. Why? I don't know." Grischa said simply and shrugged with a forced smile, hoping to make the conversation go smoother, maybe more cordial but he doubted the doctor ever had a friendly conversation in her life. "Maybe they don't like us capitalists." Grischa said and shrugged. "Anyway, we found the maintenance tunnels and her little camp. We looked around for a bit, there's this weird sinkhole farther from her home, a few hundred meters past it. It was a tiny one last we saw, well...narrow. Seems someone put a little bridge over it, a little homemade one. Scrap metal, mostly. We went over it. If I had to say once you get past that portion of the bridge you are probably near the end of the Redline. Anything beyond that is probably part of the University." Grischa explained then turned his head briefly to Katya but they are not important right now." Grischa explained, glaring at Katya for a moment, hoping she'd keep quiet for once before turning back to the doctor. "We got past the bridge, and then it just goes to shit. We start hearing yelling and screaming from around the corner, probably the part of the tunnel going into the Redline directly. Then someone comes rushing out....that girl." Grischa said, nodding in Sofka's direction. "Then some men came out, probably trying to stop her and one of them opened up with a Kalash. My guess is that's where her bullet wound came from. As for the broken bones you mentioned..." Grischa began. "I'm not sure, not all bandits in my experience go straight to raping and killing a woman...some do torture before. Breaking bones isn't exactly unheard of for the sick fuckers. I guess she got away not to long after she got a broken bone or two" Grischa explained then, thinking over everything else in his story, continued for Yakov. "It all happened so fast but the girl went down and then the guys...I guess some Redline bandit gang...start shooting at us. We shot back. Killed them, and we picked up the girl. We tied her to me since she didn't seem in any condition to walk, damn girl owes me a shirt." Grischa said, giving a soft chuckle. "Anyway we got her tied to me and...I-I guess that sinkhole was more of a latrine, I fell in to it, it wasn't too deep like I said, maybe a meter or two, more of an odd ditch than anything else--but it did have alot of shit in it." Grischa said, shaking his head, brining back some memories of that Sofka's little escape tunnel. He could still smell it. "Misha here pulled me out though and we begin to hurry back to the entrance. Seems the gunshots got the attention of some spider bugs, damn things start coming out of vents, probably from some area deeper in the maintenance tunnels. Maybe even some deeper portion of the Redline away from the girls home." He offered. "Who knows?" He said a moment later, shrugging again then continuing. "Anyway, the little freakshows come out of the vent and we get out of there." Grischa said then gestured behind himself, pointing with his thumb in the general direction of the maintenance tunnel before looking back to the doctor. "I'm sure you can send in some of the guards to confirm all of this...well, once you get past the spider bugs." Grischa offered, then looked the doctor in the eye. "Might need alot of men for that specific nest though...They were really pissed off when we got away, and there were alot of them, dozens..." Grischa said then shrugged. "But I wouldn't recommend wasting good soldiers over all of this..." He added.
  13. @Dragon Natashia shook her head. "And you seem to be under the impression that you actually have power in Polis, Mr. Marcianus. You're under the misconception that being a Ranger matters to us, or that I would every get an easy out...or want one." She explained, vaguely as she tended to do. "You truly think you have power here but you don't..." She sighed out. "...You don't. You can let me go, you can remove the arrest, pretend it didn't happen if you like but it doesn't matter you fool."
  14. @Grimscythe Misha had been secretly dreading returning to the doctor after he had decided to head to the hospital with the other two, but by the time he set out he had figured it was too late to turn back and he had to enter the hospital tent. Even if he wasn't dreading it though he found himself pulled to that girl, his curiosity getting the better of him. For a few minutes after entering the tent, Misha found himself slightly hopeful the doctor wouldn't tear them a new one as seemed to be her normal way of doing things. However that hope was soon replaced by disappointment as she informed the trio that the girl was gonna be out for a while, then that disappointment turned to confusion then anger as she grabbed him. Without thinking Misha grabbed the doctor's wrist as hard as he could, squeezing it with a bear grip then staring her in the eyes, and holding his ground as she tried to pull him closer. He never liked being rough with women but decades in the metro had told him to never take anyone's shit, even if it was well meaning. "If you think we hurt her you are sorely mistaken, doctor." He told her angrily, his already tight grip only getting worse. "...That girl needed our help and we gave it, rescued her from some crazy fuckers in the tunnels and then we helped her through some spider bugs that you idiots missed." Misha continued. "Was it the perfect escape, hell no it wasn't but we managed!" Misha continued and by now a slightly worried Grischa began to step in. "What I'm sure Misha means is that you do not need to worry about us, Doctor." Grischa began. "Like he said we didn't hurt her, we care just as much as you do..." Grischa explained, grabbing Misha's hand and quickly getting the younger man to let go of the doctor. "As for payment I'm sure you and I can discuss it personally..." Grischa said. "These two are not the best with money, even if it's simple things like this..." He added, while Misha continued to glare and Katya watched in shock at the whole exchange.
  15. @Dragon "You're old security chief.....the fatass child lover, Mr. Belikov." She said. "The same fatass child lover you're two idiots have been pestering me over for a while now." She added. "Oh, what happened? You had to have seen something, Natashia." She said, poorly imitating Valkov. "Then the big one, Grachyov would try his best to play bad cop." Natasha said with a shake of her head. "He's too good of a person for that act, but he's not important right now....where ever you've sent him." Natashia sighed out. "You think I killed him." She said matter of factley. "I didn't. That's not my job, at least not this time." She added then shrugged. "That job belonged to a long time friend of mine....one who I thought would make sure no one was near Belikov's room..." She explained sadly. "Seems you can't trust some people to do their jobs properly....but I keep thinking back on something about Belikov's murder." She said then looked at Dagonet. "You know what that is?" She asked. "....How easy it was." She said, resting her hands back on the table. "Which is odd...don't you think?" she asked, seemingly in her own little world right now mentally, going into a rant as she thought over everything in her head. "...I mean...why wouldn't it be easy for us..." She started. "...We know everyone's little secrets, we know what makes them tick, what they fear and love, we know how to bribe them, scare them, intimidate them into doing what we want and we have a kill plan for everyone we talk too....and yet I keep finding it shocking how easy it was..." She said, looking at her hands and then shook her head before looking back to Dagonet. "....We know everything about everyone..." She alluded again. "...Everything...but it's still so shocking, you'd think a Kshatryia...the chief especially would be hard to get rid of...or that they wouldn't bother after what we did for him..." she murmured. "But...I guess it didn't matter, maybe it's just disappointment..." She continued on, her rant seemingly without end. "....I had expected my friend to have a challenge and I don't know why...maybe because it was Polis...we go on and on here how it's the safest place in the metro...and it is, compared to some other places." She said sadly. "Well...maybe whoever they send when I'm useless will have a challenge." She said with a shrug, an empty look in her eyes. She seemed almost dead inside, gone mentally. Broken in a way. The her eyes gained focus again, looking at Dagonet. "....Maybe they'll have a challenge with you. I doubt you'll keep pleasing them forever Ranger." She said then smirked, leaning back in her chair. "...How's Chuck anyway?" She asked suddenly. "...How far is she along now? A couple months, a few or something like that?" She asked then shrugged. "Not long but I keep forgetting all the details I know about her...please, remind me, is her tent on the left side of the main platform...or the right? Because I can't remember and I don't have my friends right now to tell me....I'm sure they know though." She said.
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