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  1. @Dragon @Morrigan Misha grunted loudly when the vodka made contact with his wound, muttering out a soft 'son of a bitch' as Ilia cleaned his wounds. Soon after Misha closed his eyes, trying to ignore the whole situation and focused on the bouncing around of the truck as it continued through The Dead City. The truck continued down the main street of the city, before coming to an intersection, normally the Rangers would have driven straight through, but soon, before either Joe or any of the other Rangers could react something large, and almost pitch black in color shot out at incredi
  2. @Grimscythe Misha groaned looking up at the man. Misha: "...Sorry?" He mumbled, trying to piece together what happened and how he got here. Grischa mumbled something before forcing himself to sit up and then glaring at the man. Grischa: "You better kill us now, boy. Because we'll finish you off if given the chance..." Grischa's voice soon rises, turning into a scream, hoping Sofka can hear him. " We'll kill you all--Starting with that bitch of yours!" Misha: "Enough old man..." Grischa: "Like I said boy, you should kill us now.... Misha: "Enough!" Grisc
  3. @Grimscythe "God damn it!" Grischa shouted, firing off the last of his AK's magazine before pulling Misha up and trying to pull him back to the train car and away from the fire. Misha meanwhile had lost his own AK but managed to pull out his side arm, a makarov pistol, and fired off a few rounds, hitting one of the attackers in the chest, but soon after something sharp pierced Misha's shoulder and he yelped in pain before the world became blurry and he started to feel numb. He fired off one more round which hit a wall and then he went limp. "Come on!" Grischa yelled pulling his frien
  4. @Grimscythe Both Grischa and Mikhail had followed the woman willingly, but even before they had some doubts. Both knew there was no one in Park Pobedy, everyone in the Metro knew that. It was a long dead station, its inhabitants trapped behind a wall of rubble not long after the first war in the Metro in the mid 2010s, they had no doubt starved to death. Yet this woman was heading in its direction, and so confidently too. They wondered if perhaps someone had sent some colonists to restart the station but no doubt a story like that would have spread throughout the Metro like wildfire. Mish
  5. @Grimscythe Both of the men were silent for a moment, Grischa seemed to be eyeing the girl oddly but it was hard to tell behind the night vision googles, and she could briefly see Misha's finger dance around the finger guard of his rifle before Grischa broke the silence. Grischa: "Ok, lead on. Just no running off, ok?" He asked and held out a hand for the girl to help her up.
  6. @Grimscythe Grischa: "To help?" Grischa replied somewhat confused at how to proceed before continuing "I know we aint exactly doing good at first impressions but we aren't going to leave you in this tunnel. There might not be any people but God only know's what kind of beasts you'll find out here." Grischa soon looked back at the train car then to the woman. Grischa: "I highly doubt you live in the train car, all alone in this tunnel. So tell us, where can we drop you off?" He said looking the girls nose over. Grischa: "Maybe we can even get that nose of yours fixed up, an
  7. @Grimscythe Misha managed to see her moving from the corner of his eyes. Misha: "Oh no you don't!" He yelled, grabbing her by the leg and yanking her away from the train car as hard as he could. Grischa: "What the hell are you doing? There's nothing in that train car, girl!
  8. @Dragon "And they said the Rangers were the most discipline soldiers in Metro." Misha said as as the two argued, then stifled a moan from the pain in his body as the truck lurched forward, taking him partially with it due to inertia, and began to drive through the city.
  9. @Grimscythe Both men crouched down by the injured woman. Grischa: "Alive?...Yes, so it would seem..." He mumbled looking at the wound. Misha: "Oh, it's a woman!" The stalker said ignoring her previous comment. Grischa: "You're observation skills are just perfect, my friend." Grischa mumbled before looking at the person he shot. Grischa: "As for you being alive, there's no guarantee that will last for long I'm afraid....Where are you from, girl?...You're a long way from either the Arbat or the Ring....and no one's come out of Park Pobedy in decades... Misha turne
  10. @Grimscythe Misha: "See, I told you it was a human!" Misha called out as both of the men hurried over to the figure. Grischa: "Shut up, Misha!" Grischa hurried ahead of his companion and over to the person. Grischa: "We told you not to run...." He muttered as he continued over. Grischa: "Hey! We heard you speaking Russian, speak up if your still alive!"
  11. @Grimscythe Misha: "God damn it!" Misha shouted, firing off a shot, and just barly missing as the figure ran off into the darkness and Grischa lined up a better shot and fired, clipping the figure's side and send them tumbling back down onto the floor of the tunnel and onto the tracks below. Grischa: "ha!" Misha: "Nice.... Grischa nodded and then began to head for the figure. Misha: Looks human. Grischa: Kind of far from a station for that...well any station with people in it.
  12. @Grimscythe Both Grischa and Misha were now aware of the other person in the tunnel. Grischa: "Don't move or we'll shoot!" Grischa shouted, seeing the fiure hit the ground and try and get up. Misha: "Do as he says, we aint fucking around!" Misha shouted out, lining up a shot.
  13. @Grimscythe (OOC: So I'm playing both Grischa and Misha, it'd be easier to do just both of them and mark them as either Misha: or Grischa: then keep switching. I don't know if that's allowed or how strict rules are about that, just a heads up if that's an issue. I'll probably still mark the character under Misha though.) Grischa: "Hey, hey stop." The old man mumbled and then crouched before leveling his Kalash straight ahead. Misha hunched forward and strained his eyes, pearing ahead at something human looking. Misha: "What is that...?" Misha asked, undoing the safty on his own
  14. @Morrigan @Dragon Misha grimaced at hearing the upcoming procedure. "Can't wait..." He murmured before looking up at where Joe would be. "What's the hold up, Ma'am?
  15. @Grimscythe Misha scoffed, shook his head and followed after the old man. "yeah, the key word there being 'if', you know the rumors people disapper out here. Some poor bastard wandered in a while back, no one's seen him since, no screams, no gunshots, nothing, just vanished!"
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