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  1. Father Andrey Popovich Kopeykin is in the presence of the Lord. He has not had a revelation in many years. Whatever goes on outside his quarters is like another planet to him as he surveys the steps to the Metro exit at Sretensky Bulvar. "Come, Andrey, come and see." said the Lord. "But Lord," Andrey said, his voice strong as it was in his youth, yet full of doubt. "Your flock needs me." "Come, Andrey, come and see." said the Lord. "But Lord," Andrey said, his fears growing as he thought of Leonid, of Sasha, of Tanya, of Kiril and Shuhrat, and the elders and the lit
  2. Maksym Vasylchenko buried his father on the surface. It was a dangerous trek, by far the riskiest he'd ever made, but he'd made it regardless, and Piotr Vasylchenko's final resting place viewed the distant sunrise across wrecked and wrought beams of the old world he'd left behind. The Metro had saved his life, and its dank, dreary tunnels had taken it back from him. The Hands of Time stood still. The shop, closed. Timur, fatherless Timur, was allowed to stay, as Maksym could not find it within his heart to kick the poor boy out. He knew enough of the watchmaker's craft to build wat
  3. "Wonderful," Maksym agreed. "Then let us go, and quickly. We don't want to stay out here any longer than we have to." Makysm followed him, taking the time to reload his Mayak, slipping his half-used magazine into his backpack as he jogged after the older man, listing a bit on his good leg. "You sound like you make this run relatively often, yes?" @AnOriginalAccountNam
  4. Paz frowned, trying to remember the girls and boys she used to play with back when she was young, but that was rarely a very fun exercise for her. Too many bad memories, memories of what happened behind closed doors and in hushed whispers in the kitchen or a long fall into a pool of water that forever changed her life. "That's a shame, to die so young. When I was younger, I fell onto some rebar and into a pool of irradiated water. Cut myself up badly. The wounds healed oddly, left large, ugly scars that have never really gone away. My father sent me away when people started asking quest
  5. "Did she, now?" Paz asked. She somehow found it hard to believe there were two Paz's in the world. She figured it might be wise to poke a bit further, just in case she was right and she knew this girl. "How did she die? Or do you remember?" Pazia's expression hardened, and she cocked a brow. "Or were you just told that she died?" @Morrigan
  6. Paz shrugged her shoulders, offering a wan smile. "Well, if you need me, I'll be right here." Tonka's question caught her off guard- it was almost as if she recognized Paz as well, though she didn't want to hold out hope. "My full name is Patience Haig. My father is American. Formerly military. I... haven't seen him in a while. Why do you ask?" @Morrigan
  7. (OOC: it's fine!) Maksym was usually a very good shot, but his Mayak could only do so much to a Demon's thick, leathery hide. It felt like he might as well have been throwing sharp rocks at the damn thing. Finally, however, despite Misha panicking and pushing him around like he was an idiot, he was able to line up a precise shot, hitting the Demon right in the eye just as Misha unloaded a burst into its skull. Not even a Demon could survive that kind of shot. Problem- it wasn't stopping. Before he could move out of the way, Misha had already bowled over Maksym and sent t
  8. Demons. Normally, Maksym called it a day if a Demon decided to wander too close to him, but for some reason, he doubted he had that option. "I'm more worried about our flying friend than drowning or arguments. I can swim, and I can get my pay. I can't survive a fall from thirty feet in the air," Maksym said, turning to see if he could get eyes on the Demon. "Let's hurry up and make a decision. If we all train our weapons, we could take it down, but we'd be down a lot of ammo, and it would likely take one of us out before we can kill it." Maksym turned and looked at Grischa out of th
  9. "Let's be quick about it, then." Pulling his Mayak off his back, the Ukranian racked the action, the hefty sound of the bolt cycling filling him with a quick surge of adrenaline. It never got old, going out into the great wide beyond, seeing what was left of the world after the end of days. Pulling his mask on and ensuring the seal was secure, he was the last man of the group out of the door- just as well, to cover them with his long rifle. The sun was just starting to rise, bathing the wasteland of Moscow in an eerie glow, like an old oil painting, perhaps. It was lovely, in its o
  10. Paz sighed, an involuntary pout crossing her features as she leaned over the counter, trying to think of a way to keep this beautiful girl in her shop just a little bit longer. Admittedly, there wasn't much. "I hate to disappoint you, Tonka, but there really isn't that much else that fits your criteria. If I could make an exception for you, I would, but this isn't even my shop yet," she explained. She still felt like she knew this girl from somewhere, but the name 'Tonka' meant nothing to her. Still. she couldn't shake the feeling. "If I make an exception for every beautiful woman who wa
  11. Huh. Tonka. Like the toy truck she used to have when she was a kid. Her dad had managed to find one in a souvenir stand in the nicer stations, at least that's how he'd explained it. Still, that didn't tell her how she knew this girl. "Huh. Tonka," Patience repeated, offering a warm, if thin, smile. "I'm Patience. Just call me Paz." With what Tonka had said in mind, Paz felt a bit sorry for the girl. It was obvious that she was having trouble figuring out what to look for, prices, the like, and Patience knew better than to leave an un-satisfied customer. "Surely there's something we
  12. While internally, Maksym was rather angry, he made no such feelings known. Instead, he offered a smile and a wave. "The more, the merrier! Maksym Vasylchenko, at your service. May we all return from our journey with pockets full and innards inside our bodies, yes?" Turning back to Grischa and Misha, he offered them a thumbs up. "Are we heading out? The more daylight we have to move through, the better."
  13. Dusty chuckled, shaking his head and putting his hands up on the table, before offering Violet an insincere smile. "I have been in far worse places than a prison cell in the past twenty years, Vi. So have you. You may not like me, and I sure as shit don't like you, but one thing I've never, ever done, even to my worst enemy, is lie. You think long and hard about what you're going to do. I'm offering you the only good deal out of this you're gonna get, but if you don't want it, well, I warned you." Dusty looked over at Seth, then at Damian and Derek, not even bothering to get up fro
  14. Not very specific tastes, this one, Paz noted. Normally, new customers came in two flavors- "give me something that goes 'bang bang'" and "I would like an Izmash-model PPM-109 helical submachine gun chambered in 9mm Makarov with an extended magazine, an integrated green point sight, a suppressor, and a rifle stock, preferably for under 90 bullets." Still, she couldn't complain. If she wanted to window shop, that gave Paz more time to window gaze. Giving Tonka a knowing nod, she turned her back to the customers before producing the first of the firearms that fit her criteria. An Ashot, ch
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