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  1. When the fire came in contact with the petrol, a swoosh preceded sudden, glaring brightness. Sofka turned her head, releasing the rope and turning the empty barrel upright as her hands moved to shield her eyes. She tried to keep to the wall, but she was caught in the crossfire regardless. As her companion was shot in the chest and collapsed, a bullet struck her arm and her leg, crippling her. Shouting followed as the guns finally stopped firing, and then the remaining cultists approached. One, an older man, reached Sofka and jerked her up angrily by the arm, nearly pulling it out of its socket
  2. Using her forearms, Sofka began to crawl forward as the shouting started. When the bullets began flying, their flashes illuminating the tunnel, she crawled faster. From behind them, a door to a maintenance tunnel opened and the sound of several feet followed. In the flashing lights, the two men could see where the rubble had been cleared away. Instead of piling it in the station, it was used to create staggered barriers. Rolling to her side, Sofka brought herself closer to a wall, where a rope was tied to it. It led to a plastic barrel above. Unwinding it, the youth stood up and then dropped,
  3. Sofka nodded once before she stood for the third time in a matter of hours. Her body ached, especially her face, but she could handle the pain. Lifting an arm, she waved the two after her and then felt her way around the car to delve deeper into the tunnel. One might think her a tunnel rat, given how familiar she seemed to be with them. The youth made no attempt to evade or lose the two, but as they got closer and closer to Park Pobedy, she began to circle around their destination carefully. There were traps laid, and her goal was to lead the two men into one of them. As she stepped over a wir
  4. Sofka turned her face in Grischa's direction, though her eyes didn't quite meet his given how dark it was. She pondered his words for a moment, considering the offer. If she led them back to Park Pobedy, the other cultists could easily overpower the two and chances were, they'd make a fine dinner. The corners of her mouth turned upward slightly, but it was hard to tell if she was smiling or grimacing. "I can show you," she answered. "But I do not need your medicine." @AnOriginalAccountNam
  5. Sofka's leg gave out from the force of his pull and she slipped downward, slamming her face in to the car as she went. The warmth of blood flowed from her nose and over her lips. Her tongue darted out, tasting the salty, coppery liquid as she pushed herself to her knees and flipped over, resting her back against the stationary car. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. "What the fuck do you want?" Sofka hissed, lifting her arm to wipe away the blood with the sleeve of her jacket. Her nose throbbed and she wondered if it was broken. @AnOriginalAccountNam
  6. The youth sat up, grunting as it tugged and pulled at the wound. When Grischa mentioned Park Pobedy, her jaw tensed slightly. It was best that she didn't answer him truthfully; it was best that the others believed Park Pobedy was, in fact, empty. After all, weren't the cultists supposed to have starved decades ago after the collapse? She opened her mouth to answer them, but by that point they seemed to be bickering with one another about her origins. Pushing against the ground with her palms, Sofka stood shakily to her feet and reached in front of her, feeling the face of the train car. "
  7. "I am alive you ass," Sofka spat, but she didn't stand up quite yet. Her head spun, her side hurt, and she was disoriented. "I am not an it, either." @AnOriginalAccountNam
  8. "Damn it!" Sofka cried out. She hit the ground hard, landing on the wound in her side. Dirt rubbed into the bleeding wound, stinging the tender meat beneath ther skin. The youth rolled over onto her other side, pressing her hand to where the bullet hit her. With her other, she pushed herself back onto her feet again. They had guns. And they could see her. Worse, she was without the one weapon she brought with her. Gravel slipped beneath her footing as she began running a second time--only she'd forgotten that there was a car up ahead that no longer moved. The strange thud of flesh meeting
  9. Sofka's eyes widened. She was halfway up when she was told not to move and rather than listen, the woman flipped over, nearly falling on her face in a scramble to get to her feet and take off blindly into the darkness opposite of the two men. @AnOriginalAccountNam
  10. Rocks from around the rails crunched under Sofka's foot just as she heard the click of the safety being switched. She froze, crouching low with the blade still secured in her grasp. Sofka felt Grischa's stare upon her, though she didn't fully understand how that was possible. The hair on the nape of her neck stood up, a chill running down her spine. She tried to slow her breathing, but her heart was pounding in her chest. Backtracking, her heel hit the lip of one of the train's rails and she fell backwards. The knife fell from her hand and slid along the ground. "Fuck!" she whispered hars
  11. The voices of those approaching somehow alarmed the youth and she drew back even further against the wall. Shit, she thought. There were two distinctly different male voices and Sofka wondered if she could hold her own against them. If it were just one, she could probably hold her own, but two? That was iffy. Worse, she wasn't aware of the goggles they wore, and thus even as she crept toward them, Sofka appeared fully visible to them. She drew a blade from within her boot, wiping it against the leg of her pants to ensure that it was still clean. @AnOriginalAccountNam
  12. Sofka crept quietly through the tunnels, always listening. She moved with the familiarity born of running them on the days the Great Worm was silent for the majority of her life, and she could navigate them in the dark. It wasn't her preferred method, but her ears and nose were just as good as her eyes when it came to guiding herself. Sofka usually worked these days, but she'd asked permission to return to the tunnel where she'd last seen Dima. She knew her in her gut he wouldn't be there, but she could always look again. It wasn't until she reached the place where they'd strung up that o
  13. This thread is dedicated to plots with my cannibal girl. For more information Sofka, you can visit her profile here. I will regularly update this post with wanted plots, so please check back regularly. Here's what I'm going for now: an encounter with Sofka's birth parents - this would make for some nice family drama and it'd be interesting to see how things unfold anything cult related victims (or attempted prey) would be a nice way to make new friends?
  14. I'm totally down for plotting. I just haven't figured out what to do with Sofka yet.
  15. Sofka glanced around after she was finished drinking, leaving Dima's query unanswered. Gray eyes settled on a pile of rags and a pack there. Quickly, she scurried across the floor, not unlike a spider, and opened it. Shoving her hand in, the youth's fingers found something cylindrical and she pulled it out. A thermos. Old, and showing signs of heavy use. It was dusty, too. Screwing the cap off, she tilted the thermos to the side and drained it, her nose wrinkling. It could be worse, and the coppery, acidic taste of blood had a way of masking other flavors. It would work. She returned to Dima
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