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Metro: Beyond

Leaving Oberon


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It was as the frantic discussions started near their holding cells that Red was brought over. Dusty Haig had escaped which meant nothing good for Oberon itself. The man was a psychopath worse than some but not as bad as others in this hell of a home that they were all stuck in.

After long, low volume discussions in the brig section of the station Red went to tell Violet. It wasn't long afterward that there were rumors and mumblings around the place from leaked information from loose lipped soldiers.

It was a hard decision but with Spartans in high demand and low supply after recent events in the Metro the choice was made excruciatingly clear that they were alone in this and the only options were to leave or stay and be slaughtered.

They had a little bit of time because it would take time for the Reich to organize but not enough to really debate it.

Violet and Red organized a get together of those interested in hearing from the heart of Oberon what was going on.

"We have to leave. The Reich is coming straight for us and there is no quarter given. Not with the fact that Oberon is a key point for easier access to the surface and Polis. The only option we have is to flee to the surface and Polis or for you to go to other neighboring stations to hope for refuge or stay here and hope for mercy. As it stands, Red and I are leaving for the surface tomorrow morning."

There was a ripple in the crowd as they started to shout about needing things and what happened and they deserved more than that.

"We don't have time for anything more. We are leaving and we want you to come with us to be safe as that is what Oberon has always stood for but we are not going to force anyone to come."

The announcement made many disgruntled people which is something that Red prepared for on their supply stores. They had already packed them up and sent them those they trusted ahead with it. All that was left was enough to pass out for those they figured would try to stay.

It was only a few hours before the supplies were attacked and Red and Violet chose to leave shortly after so that they wouldn't be next.

It was deep in the night as those that chose to leave Oberon with them fled the station, the Reich incoming and the greedy people taking advantage.

The surface was dangerous for one person, but a large group of fifty people was worse. They were louder and clustered together event though the people that were assisting with guarding them were trying to keep them spread out.

It wasn't long before a watchman caught wind of them.

It was downed quickly enough but not before it signaled more. "Run," they started. "Into that building," the man indicated as they filed into a mostly in tact building as a group of people toward the back were tackled.

There was screaming even as the men tried to hush scared people and mothers and fathers tried to quiet terrified children.

Seth led them through the building with Damian fleeing the howling of the watchmen and trying to find a way out.

As they reached the other side of the building there was a small group of watchmen. Damian and Seth looked to each other as Damian threw a rock which got their attention and Seth threw a knife to kill one and then another. Damian threw the final one. It was a deft sort of movement that only learned people on the surface, ones that survived, really mastered. The paid told the people to walk, Derek stepping around in front as Seth stepped out to find a safe way across into the next building.

When he found it he went deeper through to verify the building was safe before he popped out and they started to send people across.

They would continue building hopping, which helped significantly in mitigating their noise though the civilians were all jumpy as they heard sounds that they had never heard before in the distance.

The next event would be as they were crossing to another building. They were making progress but at the rate they were going they would have to stop for the night on the surface which none of the more experienced people wanted to do as it was far more dangerous in the night than the day.

As they crossed between a building it was the loud beating of wings that could be heard in the distance that ushered the soldiers to try to push people faster.

Unfortunately above them a shift and rocks fell as the demon above them took off and swooped down grabbing a mother and child and sweeping them away. Their screams rang through and people in the first building were shaking their head and saying they wouldn't go through.

Eventually the soldiers left with the few stubborn ones shook their head and left without them. Another of the demons could be heard circling ahead but they were faster. Left alone one of the people dashed across then another. The second one was scooped off the ground pulled away screaming.

The rest just stayed in the building as the others moved on, they didn't have time to just sit there.

It would be well after dark as the group, beaten from multiple fights with watchmen on the last leg of their trip would arrive in Polis. Battered, bruised and otherwise barely alive.

Polis guards stopped them at the doors but were eventually all let inside.

The swarm of people was significant in the already overpopulated Polis.

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