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Metro: Beyond

No Light

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Kiska had put enough distance between herself and Tverskaya, she was sure, but not nearly enough distance between herself and the Reich. She wasn't sure such distance was an attainable phenomena. To feel safe, she needed to be as far away as possible. Travelling along the Metro line alone, especially as a woman, wasn't exactly a cake walk - but walking alone, blind was a difficulty level she wasn't exactly prepared for. Each screech or flow of wind caused her to hug a wall, hoping the darkness would shield her from whatever creature lay before her. Usually, it was nothing. 

Oberon had turned her away, and she was back in the tunnel traveling along the edge of the station.

I shouldn't be out here. I shouldn't.

But there were no other options, nothing viable. She couldn't hide her disability anymore, only to the untrained eye or to strangers. But, once someone who knew her approached and she couldn't recognize them, they'd know something was wrong. The thoughts crossed her mind as she walked slowly along the tunnel, only to stop abruptly at the sound of footsteps. As per usual, she huddled toward a wall, but felt the brightness of a light along her body and opened her eyes to see a flashlight's beam. A hand rose to cover her eyes as she spoke up, hoping the person wielding the light wasn't wielding something else.

"I don't have anything."

Truthfully, she'd never spent much time in the tunnels beyond her station. Her knowledge of them was mostly propaganda and scary tales, and as such, she was expecting any form of nefarious creature or bandit or the like. It was best to assume the worst of people, she knew, because then you were never surprised.

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Despite promising her boyfriend she would (mostly) only take jobs within the Hanza lines, the payment for this particular courier expedition had been too much to pass up. As they were still saving money to pay their way to Polis, Kae had decided that in this instnance it was better to ask forgiveness than permission. Besides, Sergei had left out with a trade caravan earlier the same morning the job had come available. Kae had been certain she could make it there and back before he returned. The extra bullets would surely ease his ire. 

At least, that had been the plan. Kae, of all people, should have known nothing ever really went according to plan in the Metro. In the end the delivery went well enough. She had her pay. 
The problem was how close she was cutting it. If Sergei had returned early she'd be walking straight into a confrontation. Kae could just imagine him pacing around their tiny quarters working himself up over her absence - that was just what he did when he was worried about her. 

So she was trotting along the dim tunnel, shining her torch ahead to illuminate her path even though she knew it made her more of a target for bandits and other derelict sorts. Kae just told herself she'd be back to well trafficked lines in a matter of kilometers, and it would at leat temporarily blind any mutant she might blunder upon. Right then she felt it more important to make sure she squeezed back into the Hanza lines either before her boyfriend returned, or before he had time to worry himself over her absence. 

Should have left him a note, Kae griped to herself as she trotted along. 

Suddenly her light swept over a human figure ahead. Kae came to an abrupt halt, skidding a bit in the dust as she shone her light on the figure and squinted for a better look. She straightened a bit when she realized it was another young woman. 

"What are you doing out here?" Kae asked, cocking her head a bit to the side as she took in the other young woman's garb - she didn't look like she was accustomed to crawling about the tunnels like Kae herself was. 


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