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Metro: Beyond

Exodus: The beginning of the Exodus


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It had been months since Oberon had arrived in Polis. The station was over crowded, they were starting to really feel the pressure.

The idea of leaving was circulating the whole place, you would hear the whispers of those that were leaving soon. There was both excitement and fear that circulated with that. Many couldn't believe that it was approved to do so but they guessed with the food supplies dwindling that it was for the best that people were leaving.

With that it started an interest outside of the group that was leaving with Oberon and now people were searching for ways to be included on the train.

Lines formed outside of the meager dwelling that Violet and Red were in to make trades to get onto the train. Something neither of them were prepared for. They had limited space on the train that they were fixing and there were already people from Oberon that were coming. They did want to take those that wanted to join them too which made choosing difficult.

They all ranged in ages that wanted to come with to get out. To try something outside of this place. Some understood the danger and others just wanted to see the outside for the first time in decades.

Decisions for the leaders of this expedition were not going to be made easily.
Or lightly.

The day was fast approaching and they didn't have time to delay. They had to make choices and it was likely going to cause issues within Polis as the day to leave drew closer.


Known people leaving in the Exodus:

  • Violet Redford
  • Red Redford
  • Seth Redford
  • Alice Gregory-Redford
  • Richard Redford
  • Tonka Redford
  • Ilia Sokolov
  • Kaella Corvus
  • Dagonet Marcianus
  • Charlotte Daniels (and her twins)
  • Anna
  • Alexei Kuznetsov
  • Asche Malakov
  • Damian Gregory
  • Derek Gregory
  • Maya Brass
  • Marcin V. Marc
  • Yemen Daire
  • Nikolai Schestakov
  • Petr Siminov

If you would like to include your character in this please just respond here and we'll get you added.

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  • Morrigan changed the title to Exodus: The beginning of the Exodus

You're good to jump in of course! Just make sure you read the rest of the thread as we've already moved on from the station and are out. Feel free to do a long reaction post and a moving forward post. I'll get you added.

Up to you on if you're meant to be on the exodus, or a stowaway. @evanfoshee

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