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Metro: Beyond

Exodus: Meet the Ringmaster

Mordria Nemes

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It would be nearly 2 days down the track on the rail line that they had chosen that they finally would stop at what appeared to be a large settlement, the first of many on their travels. They were, in fact, forced to stop here as there were barricades up that, even at full throttle, would damage the train enough that it would be difficult to repair and they didn't want to take the chance.

The place was bustling like a city. There were many people.... and things... that could be seen through the windows of the train. Games, creaky rides that didn't appear to work, entertainers, a large Ferris wheel that looks to be there just for decoration next to the large striped tent. Some of the older in the crowd would recognize it as what it was. A Carnival or a Circus, those that were younger would just be excited by the sounds and the lights.

As the train came to a full stop there was a hushed awe and a curiosity that spanned the train as they wondered what they were going to be able to do there, if they would at all.

It was as they all stared out the window that the woman that looked to be in charge started to saunter out. She was a buxom woman that was dressed in a striped outfit, that almost looked like a smaller version of the tent (close to this) but it was lined with lace. Her skirt was black to accent the jacket that flowed behind her. She was wearing torn fishnet stockings and had a cane in one hand that she didn't look like she needed.

The voluptuous red head came sauntering forward with two rather large men behind her. One on the older side with an aging face and the other more youthful with similar red hair.

As she got up to the train she smiled as she saw all the faces and looked down the train. "Greetings," she said to the men and women in the train as she stopped and popped a hip out, holding her cane arm out to the side. "You can come on out... most of us don't bite," she said.

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Petr elbowed through crowds and tried to see the woman. He wasn't a large man, but he still moved through the crowd decently. He tried standing on this tippy-toes, but he could barely see her. He only saw the top of her head, seeing the bright red hair. The air from outside hit his neck, causing his hair to stand up, and curl right back down. He tried everything to see her, but gave up. He just stood in the group of people all trying to see, and talk to the woman.

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Of course as they reached the blockade Dagonet sent word down the line for soldiers to move to their assigned marks, and everyone else to stay on board. He didn't like the look of what was ahead. His gut was telling him to have the train reverse along course to the last cross road. 

Damn shame that branching rail line was damaged beyond any repair they were capable of. 

"I don't like this," Dag muttered as they all watched the red headed woman set herself in front of them. 

"Not much choice though," Red answered grimly as he straightened, "you stay here," he told Dagonet, "we'll see what she wants." 

There was a hiss of steam from the train as Chuck adjusted gears to keep them in place. Red looked to Violet as he shouldered his rifle and prepared to step out into the open. 


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"Well I'll be damned," Marcin said to no one in particular, his voice full of awe. He was wearing a gas mask, as although the radiation levels were negligible, he was still a bit paranoid. "The surface is survivable..." Unless these were mutants that looked and behaved like humans. This wasn't a trap, right?

He moved a hand to take his mask off, but as he reached to undo the straps, he paused.

Perhaps it would be better to keep it on.

He would like to go out and get a better look at what was happening, but Marcin obeyed the orders to stay within the train. He opened his pack and looked at his Kalash...

No. Bringing an assault rifle with him would just make him look suspicious to these new people. He'd keep an Ashot at his side, though.

Marcin stayed in the train and stared out the window at the happenings outside.

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The woman was still waving at everyone that was on the train looking as sweet as could be. She hadn't approached any closer not knowing where they came from or what sort of weapons they had on their train. There certainly were a lot of them though, weren't there.

"Wasn't the rumor that the man came from a carnival?" Violet whispered to her husband as she looked out the windows toward the woman and the men behind her. So far there was no aggression but that could change at a moment's notice. Fingering her hand gun on her thigh but left her rifle on the train as a form of some sort of diplomacy as she stepped out in front of her husband and onto the well used ground of the place.

The train itself was surrounded from both sides by this place but fortunately it was primarily curious onlookers that didn't stray too close as the woman seemed to be in charge was at the lead of them. So far they didn't seem hostile.

"You must be the people in charge," Mordria said as she looked between the two.

"Must be," Violet made a non-committal agreement to the statement.

"We're just passing through if you could move the barricades we'd be out of here in no time."

"Lets not be too hasty," she said. "You all have to be tired of being on that metal rust bucket," she indicated toward the train. "Why don't you get off, stretch your legs for a while. See our attractions," she indicated to the tents and games that surrounded them.

"Like I said, we're just passing through."

"I wouldn't say no to my hospitality," she said clearly an undertone of a threat in her voice.

"I'm sure its lovely here but we are trying to head out toward the coast," she attempted to deflect.

"The coast is nice," she said to the woman. "However, nothing in this world is free," she said. "You want through the barricade," she glanced to where they had setup more behind the train to make it difficult to back out and try to find another route as well, "then you'll give our little carnival a chance. You never know... you may like it here," she said to them. "I'll invite you both to dinner along with anyone else you want to bring and we can discuss how you'll pay to get your train moving along."

The number of people in the crowd of carnies and the number on the train were disproportionate. They looked to have been there a long time and had more people then they had soldiers or weapons for that matter.

"I'll leave you to discuss it amongst your people but dinner is only in a few hours so don't take too long," she said waving at everyone on the train. She raised her voice so it was at a booming loudness that could be heard throughout, just like in her tent, "I hope to see you all soon!" she said with a bow before standing up and smiling to both Red and Violet before she circled her finger and started to walk away.

None of the other people seemed to dare approach the train but plenty of the attractions waved and blew kisses trying to entice the people off the train.

The people didn't really know what they would get into when they did though.


Please give Dragon and I another post or two before you are given leave to get off the train to explore. I will give more details about the Carnival and what gambling here means when it happens.

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Red and Violet were left standing at the front of the train as the woman walked away. 

"Dag really isn't going to like this," Red murmured to his wife as he surveyed their surroundings intently, "maybe we should consider reversing course," he suggested while rubbing his jaw. He didn't much like the sound of paying their way through. Not in a position like this.


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Petr reached into his hood, and scratched his neck, confused on what was happening, as people murmured among the crowds. It was a good chance for people to interact with one another, but it was a strange one. Petr sat back down, and waited for what was to come.

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Violet took her husband's hand and re-entered the train. She was just happy that they weren't in the main cars where most of the people would be asking questions. She looked up to Dagonet and Charlotte and went to go into the most private room on the train, the engine to think and wait for the others to join her.


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Red and Dagonet joined Violet in the empty engine room for a seemingly long bu short discussion about what to do. They couldn't leave, they couldn't even back out at this point though they did argue that they could try to sneak out but that was unlikely. The train would alarm anyone in the carnival that they were trying to escape within seconds of it firing up, just like it had when they had been leaving.

It was with annoyed acceptance that they finally decided who was going to the dinner and who which guards would be staying on the train before Violet went to make an announcement to the cars that had people in it. She gave the same speech to each of the 3 passenger cars with adults in it.

"This Carnival has graciously allowed us to stay here for the evening and invited us all to enjoy its games and shows. Please feel free to exit the train and enjoy the stay here while we get ready to depart and move on," she would say though she didn't know how long they would be there or what the woman wanted until the upcoming dinner.


Please feel free to exit the train and enjoy the carnival. If you would like someone to RP against within the carnival then please tag me either in a thread here or on discord and I will be happy to play with you as a carnie or one of my characters.

Please be aware of the following:

  • The carnival will charge you for games and shows, what you pay will depend on the game or the show.
  • Most things are paid with in time or labor if you don't have something worth the carnies time to trade for.
  • Getting something back from a carnie will be difficult so trade at your own risk.
  • Rewards are few and far between but possible so consider your risk.
  • There is the possibility that you can join the carnival if that is your desire just poke me in the discord #plotting channel.


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Petr barely even wanted to go, but he was pushed out by the amount of people barreling out to see the shows and games. Petr pushed out of the crowd, and walked towards the train. He sat down, not wanting to spend his money, or do any games. He swapped out filters, and waited until the train could move again.

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Nikolai again checked his geiger counter. He was doing this for hours. Unbelievable, that living outside the metro was possible. When the train left Moskau, Nikolai was still worried that he had booked a ticket straight to their doom. But when the counter stopped ticking, he was hopefull. Hopefull that he made the right choice. Maybe someone up there was looking out for him.

And now they actually met people living on the surface for years. Nikolai went on to leave the train. When he was outside he took a long breath. And another. Breathing never felt so good before. 

After a while he move's a little bit closer to the carnival. He wanted to visit the place, but he was worried something could happen if he went on his own. So he waited to see if other travlers would go there so he could join them

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