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Metro: Beyond

Exodus: The Other Group

Josephine Sousa

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Joe didn't want to go on the train. She was sure that getting out was fine but how far would the Metro really let them get and with how many people they were taking... who knew how long they would last.

She did, however begrudgingly, believe her father on why he left and family was family.

So, as the plans began to finalize about the departure of the train and Marcianus continued to ask her if she was going she told him no.

Instead she went to take her father out of the prison quarters where he had been held since he'd returned and began to prepare. Apparently a secret is never a secret in the Metro. Other soldiers, not even from Polis, stalker friends that believed leaving may have been for the best just not on the train, approached her to come with her and her father.Where they would go was still up in the air but the biggest thing was to say it was out of Moscow.


No children are allowed in this event. They are leaving Moscow on foot. Stalkers and Soldiers are going to be the primary with friends of Joe being a part too. You don't have to know Joe to come but you must know of her or know about her through a friend (Joe is a long time Ranger and one of the best marksmen, she's Mexican and enjoys punching shit and drinking).


Those at are a part of this exodus:

  • Josephine Sousa
  • Joseph Sousa
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