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Metro: Beyond
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45.thumb.jpg.bc0aeba52ad68cf30ae5bb7dd51cd7ec.jpgSeth "Aleksander" Redford
Reich - Deserter

Current Location: Oberon Station 

Seth - more commonly known as Aleks or Aleksander - was the son of an American ambassador working in the embassy in Moscow. He was nine years old when the bombs fell, separating him and his siblings, Richie and Tonka, from their parents. Initially they survived with help from their assigned guards, one of which died defending them. Shortly after they were abandoned by the second, and left to fend for themselves in a station that was eventually overtaken by the Reich. Seth fabricated Russian identities for himself, Tonka and Richie; and submitted to conscription in order to protect his siblings. At present, Seth and his siblings are in a state of flight, having deserted the Reich. They are currently taking shelter in Oberon station. 

Possible Plots: 

  • Encounter with a Reich agent tasked with hunting down AWOL soldiers
  • Rescue scenario - Seth has an unwitting hero complex, and has a hard time looking the other way when others are in trouble. This is partially driven by guilt over actions taken in his time serving the Reich military. 
  • Mercenary Assignments - Willing to accept various sorts of work as a guard or surface retrieval.


Seth "Red" Redford JM17.jpg.f112069b0142aadffff76804dd40b362.jpg
Oberon - Leader

Red is the husband of Violet Selvaggio and father of Seth, Richie, and Tonka. He is also the adoptive father of Damian and Derek Gregory.

While his wife was assigned as an Ambassador to Moscow, Red was stationed at the embassy as a guard with the USMC. After the war, he and Violet were forced into hiding. After things began to shake out through the metro, they founded Oberon station as a haven for non-Russians, though many natives occupy the station as well. At present Red is struggling to keep the station afloat under a tide of refugees fleeing the Red LIne-Reich conflict, and dwindling access to supplies - further complicated by the reappearance of their long lost children. 

Possible Plots: 

  • Disturbances in Oberon - these could vary between mutant related, squabbles between characters, theft or even just complaints from merchants.





More to come soon! 

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