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Metro: Beyond
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Dima Smyrnoi

Dima's Plotter

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About Dima:

Dima's a cannibal. He's also a genuinely sweet person. He'll eat people, sure, but only for survival purposes and because that's what the rest of the Great Worm Cult told him to do. He also is fully convinced that everybody else is a cannibal, too, and that the people of the other Lines and Stations would absolutely eat him if they caught him.

You ever met someone who'd do anything to be liked and accepted? That's Dima, all the way down. He's kind, thoughtful, and affectionate. You can pretty much do anything to him, and as long as you tell him you care about him, he'll keep on falling for it.

He's pretty lucky that he was grossed out by the idea of eating brains and sucking the marrow from the spine - the fact that both tasted bad to him was what saved him from having the neurological downsides so many other cannibals suffer from. He's quite sane (just a desperate people-pleaser) and doesn't have the tell-tale cannibal tremors.


Potential Plots:

  • Other cannibals - Probably the #1 thing I'm interested in. Other people in the Cult, people he grew up with, Priests of the Great Worm, anything like that. My guess is that a lot of them consider Dima a sniveling sycophant, but he's fine with that and will stick to you anyway.
  • Outsiders - My #2 interest for Dima is having him get separated from the Cult and slammed into the civilized world. From his perspective, they're sinners who are going to eat him, so expect terror and pleading. There's also a slight language barrier, since the Cult speaks a simplified Russian and he's not going to remember more complex terminology.
  • Romance - I actually am interested in a romantic arc for him. But, seeing as I'm me, it's not going to be a healthy, lovely thing. Much more likely it'll be someone (either inside the Cult or outside of it) who realizes how eager to please Dima is and totally going to take advantage of that. I'd ideally see this as an older man. The other person actually caring about Dima whatsoever is negotiable.

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