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Post Begrudged Friendship & Pre Where is Liam

After Kae had parted ways from Sergei that night, several weeks passed before they saw one another again. It wasn't intentional on Kae's part. Delivering the package had been far tougher than she'd expected. What was supposed to be a day trip ended up taking four. She was forced to shelter in place at the station for a few days before it was safe enough for the guards to begin letting travelers through again. After that is was one thing after another, it seemed. 

When they'd finally crossed paths again, Kae had expected to fall into their normal... whatever the hell it was. So she was surprised with the cool greeting she initially received. It was a strange encounter. He'd seemed relieved at the very start of it, like he'd been worried about her, but that had quickly shifted. 

They smoothed it out in their awkward way. Since then they saw one another fairly regularly. 

On this day, Kae was sitting on the bed sewing a patch over the knee of her pants while Sergei sat in front of the nightstand cleaning his gun. 

"So where were you from originally?" she asked conversationally. She'd been trying to learn more about him, but he was tight lipped. 


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It was, actually. Beyond seeming to keep an eye on her general well being, he'd never given indication that she was much more than an occasional bed warmer. Kae was alright with that. Most of the time he was good company, and he gave her somewhere safe to go at night. 

She was quiet a moment as she met his gaze, not fully certain what to make of the unexpected turn, "I don't even know your real name," she finally said. Kae had suspected Sergei was an alias for a while - but he'd only just now slipped up enough to make her feel confident enough to voice it. It was rare that he ever spoke of his brother, but until just now the name had always been Aleks or Aleksandr. 


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