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Metro: Beyond

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"And they said the Rangers were the most discipline soldiers in Metro." Misha said as as the two argued, then stifled a moan from the pain in his body as the truck lurched forward, taking him partially with it due to inertia, and began to drive through the city. 

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"Most of us are," Ilia agreed humorously, "others not so much."

He waited for Novokov to reach something of a cruising speed before shifting his focus back to the man's wounds. It was difficult to work as they bounced on uneven streets, but Ilia was accustomed to adverse conditions and managed to work fairly quickly, "Take a breath," he warned before dousing the wounds with a splash of the high proof shroom vodka in his flask. It wasn't pleasant by any means, but worked as a disinfectant.



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@Dragon  @Morrigan

Misha grunted loudly when the vodka made contact with his wound, muttering out a soft 'son of a bitch' as Ilia cleaned his wounds. Soon after Misha closed his eyes, trying to ignore the whole situation and focused on the bouncing around of the truck as it continued through The Dead City. 

The truck continued down the main street of the city, before coming to an intersection, normally the Rangers would have driven straight through, but soon, before either Joe or any of the other Rangers could react something large, and almost pitch black in color shot out at incredible speeds from the road on the right, hitting the side of the truck and sending it spinning before it smacked into some wrecked cars stopping them.

"What the fu-fuck was that!?" Misha stammered out when the truck stopped spinning. Before any of the Rangers could do anything, Misha grabbed his AK and pushed the side door of the truck open, determined to figure out what happened but when he opened the door there was nothing. No mutant, no car belonging to any of the factions that would scavenge from this part of Moscow. Nothing except for long abandoned cars and on the left hand side of the road was a large, almost completely rusted away banged up bus. It's seats still filled with the skeletons of its passengers.

"W...what hit us?" Misha asked, thinking maybe a demon had collided with a car trying to pick it up but nothing was flying in the skies either.

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