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Metro: Beyond

Bunker-703 Part 1

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Within the Moscow metro there were two stations named Paveletskaya, both right next to each other. One being the transfer to the Ring Line or Hansa, the other being the independent station, simply known as just Paveletskaya but that wasn't its only name, many more called it The Hole. Paveletskaya was an odd station, long ago one might have considered it one of the more architecturally beautiful stations within the metro, like many stations from the soviet era it was ornate, and deep underground, and constructed to be both a piece of public transportation but also a bomb shelter. At first, in the early days, it seemed Paveletskaya had it made. They were deep underground, they were one of the few safe places in the southern metro, they had a large population all dedicated to keeping their station safe and trade with the then still independent stations of Hansa were getting off to a good start. Then at some point in the mid to late 2010s some stalkers decided that the stations depth was good enough to keep the station safe, and removed the hermetic gate at the stations entrance that made up its airlock. At first there was no problems, the depth of the station did keep most of the radiation out, occasionally some radioactive dust would blow in and cover the escalators but for the most part it did not affect the people to any noticeable extent but by the early 2020s a new threat would arise, mutants. 

Paveletskaya would soon become a battlefield between the various types of mutants on the surface and the residence of the station who were soon no longer allowed to leave the station due to the Hansa, at least not easily. Hansa needed them to keep mutants from flooding the entire southern portion of the Ring, and soon a deal was made. Hansa would give Paveletskaya all the weapons and ammunition they could ever need, in exchange Paveletskaya would keep the mutants back. 

This was well known to everyone in the Metro, it was the official story that everyone knew, Vladimir especially. He had been to Paveletskaya before, many Rangers had at some point in their career, their were few he could think of who had never set foot in this hellish station. Normally he'd report to the station master, ask for a report on anything going on in the area, if they needed supplies or anything else but now he was on a different mission, he had considered going to the station master but it seemed he was busy with some kind of emergency and was needed at the transfer to Hansa leaving only a few guards to run the political affairs of the station.

Walking down the ash covered platform of the station, past the malnourished families sitting by their campfires, Vladimir continued ahead, towards the southern tunnels. He knew the basics of his mission: Somewhere in the tunnels between Paveletskaya and Avtozavodskaya was a technical tunnel leading to a bunker, Bunker-703, a long forgotten left over of the cold war. For decades it was believed nothing laid south of Paveletskaya, even the station of Avtozavodskaya was only partially inhabited by some odd communists who had no affiliation to the Red Line and did not care for outsiders, nor did anyone care for them, but now it seemed a community that was well established but isolationist had finally opened up and now, every few weeks or months a long caravan would come wandering out of the southern tunnels and trade with this poor station--why Hansa had showed no interest was anyone's guess, regardless Vladimir had been sent to check it out, and if it existed, to begin to process of mapping out not just the bunker, but also Metro-2.

Part of him wanted to rush ahead, to tell the guards at the southern tunnel to let him through and hurry off for Bunker-703, but Vladimir decided he'd try and learn any more rumors he could from the people here, they had to know something.

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