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Metro: Beyond

Overprotective 2

Charlotte Daniels

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"See that she does. Misguided attempts to do good often result in the worst harm," Dagonet said, "don't let me catch wind you've been snooping around anymore sensitive infrastructure," he set his gaze on Katya as he spoke, "we won't look the other way twice." 



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Katya remained silent for a moment before seemingly forcing a nod.

"Like I said...I'll make sure she get's it." Grischa repeated then looked at the exit. "If we're done here ranger, I need to speak with Chief Belikov; clear up some of this crap with him. Make sure there's no hard feelings, all of that." He said. "...I doubt she'll run off when we're gone...she's too concerned with Mikhail right now, the man on the bed to consider leaving." He explained. "Right?" Grischa asked and Katya nodded with a dirty look before shifting in the chair to look at Misha, turning her back on Grischa and Dag.

"I ain't going anywhere..." She muttered.

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