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Metro: Beyond

Earning Forgiveness.


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"Yeah. I'm going back to my day off and the crazy juice," she said looking to her dad. "See you later papi," she said as she headed out of the tent and didn't wait for Volodya to follow. "Tell Valkov I did what he asked," she said as she stalked off toward her tent.

Those people had to be mean mother fuckers to get and keep her father down for ten years but.... there was life outside of the Metro? That was believed to not be possible. But her dad wasn't lying. He was out there while she thought he just left.

"Fuck," she thought to herself as she got into her place, she grabbed the almost empty bottle of Vodka and sat down on the side of her cot before she too a long drink of it, emptying the bottle before she dropped it to the floor with a clink and laid down.

This was the shittiest time in Joe's life and all she wanted to do was punch someone. Anyone. But Misha would probably have been the most satisfying right then. But fighting her father would have been fun too.


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