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Metro: Beyond

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Paz frowned, trying to remember the girls and boys she used to play with back when she was young, but that was rarely a very fun exercise for her. Too many bad memories, memories of what happened behind closed doors and in hushed whispers in the kitchen or a long fall into a pool of water that forever changed her life.  

"That's a shame, to die so young. When I was younger, I fell onto some rebar and into a pool of irradiated water. Cut myself up badly. The wounds healed oddly, left large, ugly scars that have never really gone away. My father sent me away when people started asking questions about them. I couldn't have been older than eight or nine. I ended up here." 

Paz chuckled. "I don't remember much of what happened before that. My father wasn't a good man, and from what I understand, we didn't live with good people. Oberon is definitely an improvement." 


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