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Metro: Beyond

Earning Forgiveness 3: Into Metro-2

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@Morrigan  @Dragon

Zaya had done as she was told soon after Joe had left, making her way for the part of the farthest platform near the tunnels to Smolenskaya. Many Rangers had homes there, not their usual tent barracks but genuine homes, nicely built shacks. Why some lived here and not all of them was something she wasn't certain on.

She wandered around for a bit until a ranger, an old but strong looking man in his fifties asked her what she was doing there while he smoked a cigarette. 

"...Do you know where Joe lives?" She eventually asked, working up the courage after a few moments of silence.

"Joe?" He asked, a surprised look on his face as he considered what Sousa could need with a kid. Soon enough he pointed out her house.

"Should be that one there...you know her?" He asked and Zaya nodded after a moment and walked after thanking him quietly. The ranger shrugged and went back to his cigarette, not wanting to stop the girl as she went into Joe's house, feeling if it wasn't planned she wouldn't have left it unlocked.

Zaya looked around Joe's home for a few moments, almost amazed by it as she had only ever lived and been in the all to normal tents in the metro up to that point, even Polis was mostly one giant tent city. It didn't take long to find the vodka, Joe mentioned. There wasn't much in it and Zaya wasn't one to drink but she shrugged after eyeing it for a moment and took a sip before immediatly gagging on it and spitting it out before putting the bottle away.

Back with Dag, Natashia had begun to eye him from the interrogation room, an oddly devilish smirk on her face as she had pieced together he'd be the next one to 'visit' her. By now she knew she was probably compromised, her bosses wouldn't come for her, or send anyone. She knew that, it came with their job. Disposable at the drop of a hat. 

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As his subordinates scattered to their respective tasks and devices, Dagonet looked toward the interogation room. 

He did not, however, head in that direction. 

Instead he walked away, "Keep her locked in there," he ordered the guards on either side of the door, "turn the lights off." 

Natashia would be left alone in the darkness for some hours before Dagonet would finally approach her. His intent was to subvert her expectations, and skew her sense of time - take away any measure she might have had. Anything to throw her off kilter, and make it easier to manipulate her. 

When he finally pushed open the door, the lights inside the small room finally flooded back on. Dag advanced inward, watching her reaction carefully. 


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@Morrigan  @Dragon

Natashia looked surprised at the sudden return of light, so much she had to look away and cover them until her eyes readjusted and she could blink away large blurry dots in her vision.

"I guess naptime is over huh, Major?" Natashia asked forcing a yawn and leaning back in her chair. "Is it morning already? We gonna finally get down to business?" She asked.

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@Dragon  @Morrigan

Natashia smirked. "Oh...I presume more of what those two idiots you sent in before tried to have me talk about. Vladimir Grachyov and that captain of yours...whatever his name was....something Valkov." She said, waving her hand around as if trying to catch the name that alluded her mind before she shrugged. 

"...It's a shame you sent them in. I remember a time when the Spartan Rangers had smart people in their ranks...." She said staring at Dagonet blankly. "...The colonel of yours for example....his daughter, that hero husband of hers and the like...." Natashia continued then looked at the door Dagonet came in through. "....But I'm guessing most of the talent either died at D6 or deserted by now if those two were your first option to talk to me." Natashia added then sighed and leaned back in her chair.

"...Oh don't act dumb with me, Major. I know alot more than you do....I know someone talked or heard something..." Natashia explained then rested her cuffed hands on the table. "So let's get this over with before..." She started to say with a long tired sigh. 

"Attention, Citizens of Polis!" A gruff militaristic voice, seemingly a Kshatryia member, said over the stations loud speaker.

"Due to the death of Kshatryia Chief Belikov, Kshatryia Councilman Dmitry Yahontov has been voted into office for the time being; any and all crimes and complaints are to be directed to him!" The voice said and Natashia smirked again.

"Well...that didn't take long." She murmured then looked to Dagonet as a brief second of static came over the loud speaker and then a stern, elderly voice came over the speaker.

"People of Polis, this is acting Kshatryia Chief Dmitry Yahontov, I know these are uncertain times. We have never had to deal with the death of a Kshatryia chief this suddenly before; but do not fret, I have served with Chief Belikov for many years, and as one of the top Kshatryia councilman for many more. I will protect you, and this station, to the best of my abilities. All crimes will be dealt with, swiftly and severely, and we will do what we can for any and all complaints or law suits. Polis has always been a beacon of law and order within the Metro, a station where people have never had to live in fear, and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I am incharge. Thank you to the people of Polis, and a thank you to the Polis council. I will continue to serve as best I can for the safety and peace, and law and order of Polis." Yahontov said before the speaker was quickly silenced and Natashia snickered.

"He never was good at writing speeches...but hey, who is?" She asked, tilting her head with a smile and looking at Dagonet before shrugging. 
"So...what is it we were talking about?" She asked innocently.

"Oh yes, you Spartans...your idiots....how I know more than you, Major....how I know that my little act is no longer necessary. So...please, ask questions, Major. I doubt I'll leave ever see Polis again as a free woman...so ask away." She said casually and leaned back in her chair once more, placing her cuffed hands in her lap as she did, looking back at Dagonet with an odd mixture of anger, boredom and seemingly being tired.

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"You're a loquacious one, aren't you?" Dag answered, not having looked up this entire time, "Almost impressively so. I already asked my question. You've blathered quite a lot, but never stepped toe toward an answer. Maybe you forgot what it was?" he asked, finally looking up from the notepad he'd been jotting in, "What business do you think we have, exactly?"  


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"You're old security chief.....the fatass child lover, Mr. Belikov." She said. 

"The same fatass child lover you're two idiots have been pestering me over for a while now." She added. 

"Oh, what happened? You had to have seen something, Natashia." She said, poorly imitating Valkov. 

"Then the big one, Grachyov would try his best to play bad cop." Natasha said with a shake of her head. "He's too good of a person for that act, but he's not important right now....where ever you've sent him." Natashia sighed out.

"You think I killed him." She said matter of factley.

"I didn't. That's not my job, at least not this time." She added then shrugged. "That job belonged to a long time friend of mine....one who I thought would make sure no one was near Belikov's room..." She explained sadly.

"Seems you can't trust some people to do their jobs properly....but I keep thinking back on something about Belikov's murder." She said then looked at Dagonet.

"You know what that is?" She asked. "....How easy it was." She said, resting her hands back on the table.

"Which is odd...don't you think?" she asked, seemingly in her own little world right now mentally, going into a rant as she thought over everything in her head.

"...I mean...why wouldn't it be easy for us..." She started. "...We know everyone's little secrets, we know what makes them tick, what they fear and love, we know how to bribe them, scare them, intimidate them into doing what we want and we have a kill plan for everyone we talk too....and yet I keep finding it shocking how easy it was..." She said, looking at her hands and then shook her head before looking back to Dagonet.

"....We know everything about everyone..." She alluded again. 

"...Everything...but it's still so shocking, you'd think a Kshatryia...the chief especially would be hard to get rid of...or that they wouldn't bother after what we did for him..." she murmured.

"But...I guess it didn't matter, maybe it's just disappointment..." She continued on, her rant seemingly without end.

"....I had expected my friend to have a challenge and I don't know why...maybe because it was Polis...we go on and on here how it's the safest place in the metro...and it is, compared to some other places." She said sadly. 

"Well...maybe whoever they send when I'm useless will have a challenge." She said with a shrug, an empty look in her eyes. She seemed almost dead inside, gone mentally. Broken in a way. The her eyes gained focus again, looking at Dagonet.

"....Maybe they'll have a challenge with you. I doubt you'll keep pleasing them forever Ranger." She said then smirked, leaning back in her chair.

"...How's Chuck anyway?" She asked suddenly. "...How far is she along now? A couple months, a few or something like that?" She asked then shrugged. "Not long but I keep forgetting all the details I know about her...please, remind me, is her tent on the left side of the main platform...or the right? Because I can't remember and I don't have my friends right now to tell me....I'm sure they know though." She said.

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"You seem to be under the... misconception that I'm here on behalf of the Kshatryia," he answered, ignoring her mention of his woman. She hadn't said enough to raise any flags for him. He was a known figure, everyone knew where he lived, "You are very much under my control, now. I can erase your very arrest if I please. We already have a witness to the murder, love. Belikov's Child Love herself saw everything. I'm only here to offer you a last chance at an easy out." 


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Natashia shook her head.

"And you seem to be under the impression that you actually have power in Polis, Mr. Marcianus. You're under the misconception that being a Ranger matters to us, or that I would every get an easy out...or want one." She explained, vaguely as she tended to do.

"You truly think you have power here but you don't..." She sighed out. "...You don't. You can let me go, you can remove the arrest, pretend it didn't happen if you like but it doesn't matter you fool." 

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"My power within Polis is irrelevant to the matter at hand, love," he answered in a bluntly droll tone, "what you should consider carefully is the power I hold over you. I've little patience for games so you can either confess what you know, or I can have you tortured until you tell me whatever I decide I want to hear."


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@Dragon @Morrigan

Natasha once more gave a weak smirk. 

"Torture....you think that scares me? It'd be merciful compared to what my old boss would do." She said with a small shake of her head, pushing whatever was in her head out. 

"As for me confessing....well, let's see. I confess that I still serve Russia. Not Polis, or The Red Line, Hansa or any other pretender, but Russia. So go ahead, torture me. Kill me if you want...doesn't matter, Dagonet. I killed Belikov yes, and I'd kill anyone else if it meant keeping Russia safe." She explained, looking back at the major, an exhausted look in her eyes. 

"So there...there is your confession. I killed Belikov, we...the people I used to work for...we do lots of terrible things to keep Russia safe and going. Though, with Belikov and that little maid girl of his, I'm sure we can agree that it was the least terrible thing I did for my country." She continued then shrugged before going silent and leaning back in her chair. 

"If you want names though...names of my boss, my friends. You won't get them....then again, you and everyone in the metro already know who we are....even if you think we are just myths and legends. Little ghost stories told to make our metro seem even more mysterious and insane than it already is." Natasha explained, once more resorting to being cryptic. Seems it'd be impossible to get much out of her through talking. 
She smiled at Dagonet after that. 

"Just myths and legends..." She repeated. 

"You know who we are, you're an old man, you've probably heard countless rumors in the metro. You've no doubt heard ours. Though I doubt anyone in Polis will take it seriously on the police report." She explained with a sigh. 

Back with Zaya she had decided to once more try the vodka, Joe had left. She had gagged the first go, but curiosity got to the better of the girl and now she had managed to get through what was left in the bottle after many difficulty attempts. Now the bottle had rolled off, and the room was spinning all around her. She tried to stand but ended up collapsing, vomiting out onto Joe's floor before laying on her back and wondering what to do next. 

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